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MyHealthPoint is a comprehensive health and wellness solution that helps improve your health and better manage your health and wellness goals. MyHealthpoint was developed by the leading and most innovative company in eHealth and mHealth. MyHealthPoint has easy to use and flexible tools that allow mobile and web access to your personal and customized health portal. MyHealthPoint consists of a free mobile app that is designed to be used with a personalized online portal. Users can choose to use just the Mobile app or can use their online personal portal or both as the data that is wirelessly or manually entered and is synced to both. MyHealthPoint is fully integrated with the Qualcomm 2Net wireless home medical device hub.

MyHealthPoint offers a complete and comprehensive Diabetes Management solution. With the use of the MyGlucoHealth wireless Glucose meter, the world’s first FDA cleared meter and the most accurate meter on the market, managing your diabetes has never been easier and more complete. The MyGlucoHealth Meter wirelessly transmits your readings to your personal online portal that allows the secure sharing of your readings to the care team you choose! Automatic alerts are sent wirelessly on high and low readings and messages can be sent automatically if you forget to test. The solution is completely customized for you and all alerts, sharing of test results and reminders are set by you!

MyHealthPoint has tools to help track and record meals and snacks eaten. The nutrition component has many other features that allow you to chart nutrition goals and helps analyze the ratio of caloric intake and weight levels. Other features allows custom entry of values of foods that might be regional that are consumed.

Set and Track your weight goals! Simple Mobile and PC tools provides you with the ideal solution to help assist your weight management goals and allows easy charting to follow your progress to acheive your goals!

MyHealthPoint has many features that make it a complete mobile solution to record and chart all workouts, regardless of type and it uses the built in GPS functions of your mobile phone to track your runs, walks and hikes without the need for an additional pedometer. Results can be wirelessly or manual entered, depending on your choice to use an additional device.

Keep track of your blood pressure! simple tools allow you to input wirelessly (with compatible machines) or manually enter your blood pressure readings directly from your MyHealthPoint mobile app or from your PC!

MyHealthPoint features a complete and comprehensive tool to help manage your medications. Features include listing all your medications, dose information and frequency. Additional features also include inventory tracking, recording and alerts, reminders and confirmation of which medications are taken and offers customization features that can allow your care team to be aware of all medications that are prescribed and taken to be shared amongst your care team. Never run out of medication again or struggle to remember the names of medication and dosing your Doctor prescribes!

MyHealthPoint is consistently expanding the list of compatible wireless devices that will be able to upload health data and results automatically. Of course we will also continue to support manual data entry of medications, weight and body measurements, and blood pressure readings. MyHealthPoint is an open platform and has developed regional partnerships that will offer various levels of integration. Please be sure to check back regularly the list of new features and new compatible devices!

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