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The hearing screening test is designed as a very attractive Hearing Game.
The Child – after initial training – upon hearing the sound has to point to the correct animal/birds picture. The animal sounds calibrated in frequency and intensity (cow – 500 Hz, rooster 1500 Hz, birds 4000 Hz) are presented to the Child’s ear from the mobile phone at about 25 – 30 dB HTL.
There are 3 different tests to choose for the Child’s age and behavioural pattern.
Each testing sound can be presented to the Child’s ear:
– many times in any order changing the ears during the test (MANUAL 1)
– 3 times only in any order changing the ears during the test (MANUAL 2)
– 3 times in automatic random order separately to the L or R ear (AUTO TEST)
After the test is completed the positive or false responses are automatically recorded and displayed on the screen.
Except the MANUAL 1 test, the other tests complete results can be immediately or later uploaded from the mobile phone through the Internet to the Data Base or deleted without uploading.
Optionally the test results for all 3 tests can be recorded manually on the special paper form available from PRINTS –, or transferred to the web based Data Base using the PC with connection to the link:
The authorised institution or person can at any time access their part of the Data Base using the special ID number.


The Mobilemedico hearing test is designed to provide a simple method and tools for the Parents and Child Care Centers to detect the hearing problems early in children, but not to perform an accurate audiological assessment. Mobilemedico does not accept any responsibility for misuse of or incorrect interpretation of the Hearing Game results played with the mobile phones or tablets, their incorrect calibration done by the user, loss or distortions of the test results transferred to the web based Data Base over the Internet.
It is recommended to store the tests results also on PC or on the paper copies.

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