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Alcoholics Anonymous Tips


Alcoholics Anonymous Tips

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How to stop drinking alcohol? Concerned you might become an alcoholic? Discover the alcohol treatment options available today.

Early Stages of Alcoholism

In the early stages of alcoholism, a person begins to drink and affect their mood in an alcohol dependent way. They drink for relief from problems, and they begin to think more and more about alcohol. The person and others around them do not recognize the earliest stages of alcoholism.

A gradual increase in tolerance happens, meaning it can take increasing amounts of alcohol to achieve the desired mood-altering effects. Too often, the person can consume large amounts of alcohol without appearing impaired.

In the early stages of alcoholism, the body has adapted to increasing amounts of alcohol. In fact, how a person functions can be improved with drinking as blood alcohol levels rise. You can think and talk normally or walk a straight line with no problems. However, with continued alcohol consumption over time, the body’s ability to deal with a high concentration of alcohol in the blood starts to degrade.

If this happens, as when the alcoholic stops drinking and their blood alcohol concentration, thinking, talking or walking functions deteriorate, and they are on their way to the next stages of alcoholism.

Middle Stage Alcoholism

The need and the desire to drink gradually becomes more intense. Drinking larger amounts and more often and drinking earlier in the day. The alcoholic is losing control over drinking and the body loses its ability to process alcohol as it did in the early stages of alcoholism. Their tolerance decreases as they get drunk more easily. Withdrawal symptoms begin to be more severe if alcohol is reduced.

The person may now secretly recognize there is a problem with alcohol, and others can begin to notice. Unfortunately, the alcoholic cannot judge how much alcohol affects their body. In general, the drinker denies to themselves and others that alcohol is a problem, so that they do not have to deal with their inner turmoil. Hangovers, blackouts and stomach problems can now be physical symptoms, which will take place on a regular basis.

End Stage Alcoholism

As alcoholism progresses, the alcoholic is obsessed with alcohol, to the exclusion of almost everything else. Anyone can see that there is a big problem. Deterioration in the late stages of alcoholism, mental and physical health of the alcoholic becomes stronger. Many of the organs of the body are damaged, which lowers resistance to disease.

Relationships at home or socially may have been severely damaged, and there may be mounting financial and legal problems as a result of alcoholic powerlessness.

Every alcoholic will suffer from malnutrition. Alcohol in large amounts impairs the digestion and passage of nutrients from the gut into the bloodstream. The liver is damaged, further limiting the conversion of nutrients into a usable form that can handle the body.

The damaged cells are not getting the necessary nutrients, they can not repair itself and the damage continues.

Malnutrition causes many problems to worsen. So do vitamin B-1 deficiency common in alcoholics in a loss of mental alertness and appetite, fatigue, confusion and emotional instability.

And if the alcoholic continues drinking, alcohol will result in the death of the alcoholic in one way or another.

From suicide, accidents and injuries to direct damage to body organs and systems, death will probably be the final outcome of the final stage alcoholism.

Is there any help for alcoholism? Yes! Understand the signs and symptoms. There are resources available in a variety of ways to help with alcoholism stages and avoiding the serious consequences of this disease. This app gets you started on the path to recovery.

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