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BeMindful Stress Buster


BeMindful Stress Buster

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Updated December 4, 2012
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The BeMindful Stress-Buster App has been designed to assist you to enter into a mindful state of consciousness. It is delivered by a Clinical Psychologist with 15-years experience in meditation. The aim is to provide you with a 4 minute window to unwind, relax and to re-focus your attention to enhance your well-being and effectiveness.

This ‘pocket-sized’ meditation is a powerful tool for fostering a near-immediate sense of relaxation. The recording includes a background soundscape by musician Ant Aggs that is likely to be immediately soothing to the right-hand side of your brain, particularly in those areas that are associated with non-verbal, felt-bodily experience. As you begin to breathe more deeply and relax more fully, you will be making changes at a biological level: Your diaphragmatic breathing will activate further Parasympathetic Nervous System activity which will in turn slow your heart rate down, so that you begin to feel calmer and more grounded. Over the longer term, peer-reviewed research shows that sustained meditation practice changes the function and structure of the brain in the direction of wellbeing.

The capacity to enter into mindful states of consciousness is a wonderful support for enhancing emotional intelligence (EI). According to Daniel Goleman, EI is the most powerful predictor of success amongst top performers in organisational settings. The ability to respond to and manage stressful life-events helps us to stay well and resilient in a complex world. Use this meditation daily and/or as needed to promote your sense of personal wellbeing and effectiveness.

Spoken by: Cameron Aggs

Soundscape by:Ant Aggs

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