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Hanshi Cullen’s Goju Lineage: Training with Hanshi Cullen places you with an instructor who is only TWO instructors away from Goju’s founder Chojun Miyagi.

Chojun Miyagi – Gogen Yamaguchi – N. Gosei Yamaguchi \

—Kevin. Huunjin Cullen

Seigo Tada ———— Motoo Yamakura /

The Academy of Martial Arts Studies is the Hombu dojo of Hanshi Kevin Cullen. The ONLY instructor in the world teaching the renowned 5 Hands Systems.


The art is called Goju Karate. Goju-Ryu was the first karate taught as a system in Okinawa. Its founder, Chojun Miyagi, is also responsible for creating the name Karate. – Due to it’s original Chinese roots of Goju, the word Karate originally meant China Hand not open hand. Many years later, the Japanese decided to re-name it to Open Hand – using a same sounding Kanji (Chinese Character) that meant Open instead of China. Goju is infamous for its aggressive techniques and beautiful katas. These are attributed to the base elements that make up Goju: Shaolin Chuan-Fa Kung Fu, Pa Kua Kung Fu and Okinawan Te.

The Academy’s Chief Instructor, Hanshi Kevin Huunjin Cullen, believes in combining the strength of Okinawan Goju with the beauty of Japanese Goju with extremely soft hand techniques ” 5 hands System” which represent the JU of Ateru Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu. Goju Ryu is the oldest and most traditional of all forms of karate. Candidates for training should consider the serious nature of training necessary to walk the path of Ateru Goju . All students age 15 and older are welcome to join us on this lifelong quest.

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