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US  NAVY Body Fat Calculator


US NAVY Body Fat Calculator

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US Navy Body Fat calculator

This Body Fat calculator uses Height and Circumference method used by The United States Navy to measure the percentage of body fat. This is the simplest and fastest technique for estimating your percentage of body fat . The U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army also use this method. During a U.S. Navy study, it was shown to be as accurate as caliper skinfold testing, however with a lower standard error of estimation. All that is required is measuring tape. After taking exact measurements, the following formulas are used to calculate the body fat percentage.

TAGS: BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate) and Daily Caloric Needs Calculation

Advantages and limitations of BMI:

The main advantages of BMI as a body fat indicator are:

BMI is very easy to measure. Only two parameters, height and weight are required which can be easily measured by common people.
As it is accepted as a general standard for measuring body fat, a person can compare his health with others.

The limitations of BMI are:

BMI can’t discriminate between body fat and muscle. So a body builder may find himself as obese in BMI scale.
Age and sex are not considered in BMI measurement. So analysis of BMI varies with those parameters.

Though no online method can give you accurate measurement of your body fat, the waist circumference method developed by US Navy gives you much better prediction.

Terms of Use

Disclaimer: These calculators may not substitute for the advice of a physician and are here only for educational purposes. They are best used to keep track of your general direction rather than an exact measurement since they are estimates and rely on data which is generalized and cannot be applied to one person for recommendations of weight loss or health. Please see your physician or nutritionist for individualized recommendations. In no way will LMF Services be responsible for any problems that might occur due to the use of this calculator or the advice contained within.

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