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FoodSmart is your personal nutrition guide, helping you make smarter nutritional choices
wherever you shop. FoodSmart helps you select the healthiest foods for you and your
family and makes your shopping easier by letting you create and share shopping lists.
You can use the wisdom of the user community to learn which are the tastiest foods, and
share your ideas and personal experiences as well.
wHealthy Solutions’ goal is not only to help you find healthy foods, but also to help
people prevent and fight chronic illnesses by empowering them to make smarter
nutritional choices anywhere, anytime.
FoodSmart rates the healthiness of grocery foods using a scientific ranking system that
helps you select the best foods for your family’s health and gives you a single number
from 0 to 100 to rank the food items. The higher the number, the healthier the food item.
The products are also color coded in red (avoid), yellow (use in moderation) or green
(include as part of your healthy diet) to simplify your healthy shopping. FoodSmart’s
ranking system is based on data from the USDA combined with research by wHealthy
Solutions’ medical team of experts.
Using the FoodSmart application is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, you search for the foods you
want and explore which have the highest overall ranking and best user reviews. Second,
you select the products that are right for you. And third, you create your shopping list(s),
which you can share with other family members. Once you’ve started using FoodSmart,
you can rate the taste of each food item. This rating will help the wHealthy Solutions
community select both the healthiest and most delicious products.
FoodSmart allows you to create shopping lists based on your preferences and needs. You
can easily share these lists with other members of your household anywhere, anytime.
This means that anyone in the family can add their favorite items from anywhere (home,
store…), and do the shopping on the go anytime.
Main Features
• Find out a food product’s health rankings instantly
• Get recommendations for healthier food choices
• Learn why a product is good for you
• Learn why a product is bad for you
• Scan products at the store
• Search and browse products by categories
• Create and manage shopping lists
• Share your shopping list via email, SMS or the cloud
• Share your thoughts by rating the taste of each product
• Join a community of people who care about healthy food and make recommendations,
share favorite recipes and knowledge, and help build community wisdom about healthy
eating for the well-being of others
• Read and comment on informational and blogs that will enhance your knowledge and
FoodSmart provides you with essential information and alerts on
• Carbohydrates
• Saturated fat
• Sugars
• Protein
• Fiber
• Unsaturated Fat
• Micronutrients
• Food ingredients
FoodSmart is your personal nutrition guide, helping you make smarter, healthy and
delicious nutritional choices when you shop for food.

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