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PainKill Free WellWave

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Specific sounds for pain killer and healing .
Use the this PainKill Free app to have relief from pain and diseases.
Receive an healing session with you smartphone, by simply listen (or vibrate to your body) the PainKill Free app.
How to use PainKill Free app:
A- By listening – by keeping the smartphone in the room at very low volume or,
B- By Direct body playing – by keeping your smartphone in the pocket .In this case is suggested to set the phone in “aereo mode” avoiding GSM.
The app generates different frequencies and and harmonics of them. They pass trough the body by a resonance effect.
Is better to run PainKill Free app for 20min ( restart 3 times the free app).
For Backache, Arthritis, Head Hake, Tooth Hake , try this free app . The non free apps ( WellWave PainKil ) does not need to be restarted. Other specific application ( WellWave Backache and WellWave Arthritis, Head Hake, Tooth Hake ) heas extra feature frequecies.
In this app you can choose to produce pain relief, or healing frequencies. Use it as a pain killer! It is not binaural. Does not need headphones.
How it works?
The specific sounds wave chosen comes from known consolidates healing frequencies .
I experience many years the use of this healing frequencies with expensive devices,
I’m happy now to propose this app for mobiles !
In this free version the app play 8 different freq. .
In the non free WellWave apps there are extra specific freq. and you can play them them longer .
This is not binaural.
WellWave produces a list of single sounds signals which directly influence health. WellWave acts differently from sounds binaural. Unlike binaural, welwave has a direct effect on health and does not affect brain waves.
The sounds of WellWave resonate in your body – also if the volume is low. Try the pleasant effect!

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