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Get Slim, Sculpted, and Sane

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For LA-based Pilates instructor Kit Rich, nothing clears her head like a good workout. “I tried traditional meditation, but I couldn’t sit still,” she says. “Being active calms me.” So Rich teamed up with master energy therapist Joshua Farahnik to design the Synergy 7 System, the sequence of moves here. Performing the strength exercises at a quick pace revs your heart rate. Plus, because you’re controlling your and targeting every energy center or chakra in the body, you get the benefits of meditation as well. Try this plan whenever your stress level is sky-high (it takes only 7 minutes!) for a sound mind and a strong, sexy body. Keywords: Slimming Ab Exercises,Abs, Abworkouts, Ab exercise, sixpacks, trim belly fat, belly fat, yoga, exercise, ab workouts, fitness, ,Slimming, sculpting, workouts, exercises, gym, fitness, health, home gym, strong body, meditation, stress relief, sculpt, slim, sane.Weight Loss Exercises, weight loss, exercise, How to lose weight, 101 Weight Loss Tips, Weight Loss Made Easy, Flat Belly With Weight Loss, Weight Loss Tips, Best Weight Loss Diet, Diet, Sixpacks, weight,ladies home workouts, ladies workouts, ladies exercise, home exercise,Abs, exercise, health, fitness, gym, workouts, six pack, sit ups, abdominal, muscles, Abdominal exercises, strength,Workouts, Body Workouts, Lower Body Workouts, Lower Body, Body Toning, Body Exercises, Exercises, Arm Workouts, Workouts, Exercise, Arm Jiggle Workouts, Arm Exercises, Arm,Fat burn , fat loss, loss calories, Loss weight, Fat, Calories, Burn Fat, Burn Calories,No equipment workouts, workouts, womens fitness, sixpack,sixapack, Workout Trainer, Daily Ab Workout, Circuit Training Assistant, stretch exercises, stretching, exercises, body stretch, workouts, fitness, muscles, health, Stretch Exercises, fitness guru, fitness, sixpacks ,sixpack, yoga,womens fitness, womens workouts, workouts, sixpack, dailyworkouts, yoga, fitness,sex workouts,health, gym, Daily Butt Workout, Exercise Legs, Workout Trainer, Daily Cardio Workout, Exercise whole body lean, loose belly fat, fat, stomach fat, slim down, 42 best ways to loose stomach fat, loose stomach fat,belly, trim belly, muffin top, loose weight, slim, reduce stomach, reduce fat, fat, lean legs, legs, tight butt, butt, workouts, exercises, flat abs, moves, lower-body strength, burn fat, Butt Sculpting Exercises, Butt Exercises, Butt Workouts, Butt Toning, Butt Sculpting, Butt

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