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!!! Features
– Cleanly Design;
– Simplify, Easy and comfortable to navigation;
– Headset Output Only, Does’t disturb other people;
– Many types of Rain Sound;
– HD Sounds Quality;
– That’s All Free, And Open Source!!

!!! Usage
Noise Masking
Your worst enemy can sometimes also be your best friend. The noises you will find here are of the second league, and will help you in masking noise you don’t want to hear. Some people find it impossible to read, study, work, or do pretty much anything in the presence of undesired noise. Noise blockers usually use white noise, a continuum of frequencies equally distributed over the whole hearing range, which will mask the other noises in the room. This website introduces the concept of frequency-shaped noises, focusing on the frequencies one wants to effectively block. This ensures higher efficiency, and quieter masking levels.
At the Office
Open offices can be either too quiet or too noisy. In one situation, the slightest sound becomes distracting; in the other, ambient noise makes it impossible to concentrate. Open offices often benefit from sound masking devices, as the added noise covers existing sounds in the area, making workers less distracted and more productive.
On another issue, private offices often appear to provide privacy but are poor performers in terms of acoustics. Sound masking between adjacent offices can be used to ensure that confidential conversations remain confidential. Either the masking sound is played inside the room where privacy should be guaranteed, or on the outside, depending on the application. For example, a doctor who does not want those in the waiting room to overhear a private conversation with a patient, will provide sound masking in the waiting area, not in his office.
Baby Sleep
Noises and noisescapes are known to help soothe the babies to sleep, and sleep through the night. It helps parents too, when all sleep in the same room: healthy sleeping newborns can be pretty noisy as they move and make noises while they sleep. Playing some low-level noise in your bedroom will help you sleep through the wiggles and soft squeals your baby makes.
Sound affects many areas of the brain and has an undeniable effect on the body. A good way to test if a particular sound is relaxing to you is to check your pulse: if it slows down, then you have found the sound that is calming you. Keep listening to it and you will relax, reaching a state of increased calmness and reducing your levels of anxiety, stress, or anger.
Sound Therapy
Sound Therapy was common in the world of the Ancient Greeks. Pythagoreans used mathematical techniques to create harmonic structures for emotional balance, spiritual and relationship healing, and overall health. Although science and medicine evolved in the meanwhile – harmonic structures are now perfectly understood as resulting from the laws of physics – many people still rely on sounds as a natural healing method, with numerous successes and no side effects yet known. myNoise offers different tonal noises characterized by rich harmonic structures.

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