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TaoMix - Relaxing Sounds Mixer


TaoMix - Relaxing Sounds Mixer

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Easily create your own evolving ambiance for relaxation, meditation or yoga.

TaoMix is different by its intuitive interface, its neat and minimalist design and the unique possibility for your ambiance to evolve randomly and at your own speed: let yourself be carried away by your own ambiance which can be different every time!

Whether you are looking for the perfect ambiance for your relaxation and meditation sessions, to practice yoga, enhance your concentration or simply because you love the sound of nature, TaoMix is made for you.

« It almost makes you feel like a God controlling the weather.»
« The movement effect is hugely innovative as I've seen nothing else let the user guide the sound in such a way. »
« love it ! Nothing to see really, … just Perfect ! for meditation, relaxing, thinking and all that stuff ! »
« […] this 1 is stunning in its audio it is top quality sound and I love randomness of the moving aspects. And it works like a dream. »

– Easily create your own unique and relaxing ambiance.
– Your ambiances can evolve randomly in time, which allows them to be different every time.
– Intuitive and easy to use interface.
– Neat and minimalist design.
– High quality sounds to mix.
– Use the timer to get to sleep in your self-evolving ambiance.
– Save and retrieve your creations: very simple to use before you go to sleep or when you begin your meditation or relaxation session!
– Simultaneously use your device while your relaxing ambiance plays in the background: you can listen to your own ambiance or use another music application at the same time!
– More high quality sounds to come in the next updates, send your suggestions!
– Perfect for your relaxation and meditation sessions or yoga practices!

Free version of TaoMix:
– Get access to the first sound of each category, this allows a great number of combinations.
– Mix up to 3 relaxing sounds together.
– No time limit!

Full version of TaoMix:
– Enjoy all sounds, in all categories.
– Automatically unlocks all sounds that will be added in the future updates.
– Build more satisfying ambiances: mix up to 10 relaxing sounds together.
– Support TaoMix

TaoMix’s simple, playful and intuitive interface will guide you during the creation of your first ambiance for relaxation.

1. Add relaxing sounds to your ambiance.
The sounds are listed by category and there is a wide variety of choice (ocean, thunderstorm, rain, seagulls, wind, waterfalls, chimes…).

2. Move the sounds around.
Each sound is represented by a coloured disk. You can modify your mix by moving the coloured disks and the grey cursor around : the nearer a sound is from the cursor, the louder it sounds.

3. Listen to your ambiance as it changes.
You can then throw the grey cursor slower or faster to get your environment to evolve in time. For example, listen to the ocean’s waves get stronger as the storm begins while the sound of the seagulls slowly disappears…

You will also be able to :
– use the timer to get to sleep with your evolving ambiance or to set a time limit to your relaxation, meditation or yoga sessions.
– keep on using your device while your relaxing ambiance plays in the background.

Download TaoMix now and enjoy relaxing sounds for meditation in a unique way!
Thanks for all your very positive feedbacks, it’s great to hear from you. It means a lot to me.

For any question, suggestion, comment, or if in spite of the care with which TaoMix has been developed, you meet any technical problem, please contact me at :

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