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MyFitness calculator is simple application for your entire daily fitness requirement (Calorie and Nutrition).The fastest and easiest to use Calorie and Nutrition intake calculator for Android.
MyFitness calculator Includes:-

• TDEE Calculator = (Total Calories intake calculator ) How many calories should you be consuming each day?
• IIFYM (If It Fits your Macros) Macros Nutrients Calculator – How many grams of Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat should you be eating at each meal?
• BMI Calculator
• BMR Calculator = Basal Metalbolic Rate
• One Rep Max
• Tablet-optimized UI
• Metric and imperial systems are supported
• Optional saving of last entered values
• Calculate all major nutrients: calories, fat, protein, carbs,
• Body Mass Index( BMI ): is defined as the body weight divided by the square of the height. BMI provides a rough guide since it doesn't take into account a persons build or the composition of the body weight. Just enter your weight and height and get the BMI value and also your ideal weight range. -BMI can be used to find your healthy weight if you want to lose weight or are on diet.
TDEE is the amount calories your body burns in a 24 hour period, sleeping, working, exercising, playing and even digesting food!
The IIFYM TDEE Calculator is designed to give you your exact TDEE based on a few key factors (BMR + TOTAL ENERGY EXPENDITURE).
TDEE is the most important bit of information available to us when trying to gain muscle or burn fat and lose weight which is why the IIFYM TDEE Calculator is based on the most exact TDEE formulas available.

Fat Weight Loss Secret
• If we eat more calories than our body requires, we will gain weight watchers.
• If we eat less calories than our body needs, we will lose weight watchers.
• Unless we know exactly what our TDEE is, we have no way of knowing how many calories to consume to burn body fat or gain muscle
Find out how many calories you need and use MyFitnessPal or any other Calorie Counter or Calorie tracker app to track your calories.

BMR = Basal Metalbolic Rate (similar to RMR = Resting Metabolic Rate)
Your BMR is represents the number of calories your body burns at rest. The BMR calcualtor will calculate the precise amount of calories your individual body requires to keep you alive.

The BMR Calculator is not a TDEE Calculator so you should not base any dietary decision on the number our BMR calculator spits out

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