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MyFoodAngel is a FUN way to lose weight with only 4 clicks a day. No calorie counting or restrictive diets. MyFoodAngel is a simple way to set goals, monitor food intake and track progress.

Who doesn’t need help to eat less, lose weight or simply stay in shape? Imagine having your own Angel looking over your shoulder, reminding you during the day to keep an eye on how much you are eating, letting you know if you are on track to reach your goals and offering suggestions to get you back on track.

Healthcare professionals recommend losing 1 or 2 lb.s a week. To achieve this the average person would need to eat 500 calories less per day which is equivalent to one less slice of pizza, a small fries instead of a large fries, smaller portions or sharing desert with a friend.
MYFoodAngel uses a simple method of rating meal size by asking you is this meal smaller, the same or more than usual? For example if your breakfast is usually coffee and fruit and today it is eggs, bacon and pancakes that would be MORE. If you usually have cereal and coffee and today you have cereal and coffee that would be SAME. If lunch is usually sandwich and fries and today is a sandwich alone that would be LESS. MyFoodAngel takes this data combines it with your goals and setup data and calculates if you are on track to achieve your goals or if you need to eat Less for your next meal.

Plan ahead. Try different combinations of LESS, SAME and MORE for the day ahead to see how you can keep your FoodAngel happy. For example if you are planning on a bigger than usual lunch, which would be MORE try clicking on LESS or the SAME for the other meals to find a combination where you stay on track.
A typical day in the life of You and YourFoodAngel ……

You Wake up…..rush …rush ….get weighed…enter weight in MyFoodAngel

YourAngel “Ping….Breakfast……Less, the Same or More than the normal?”

Your reply “smaller”

YourAngel “Well done, you are on track to lose weight. “

You Rush …rush….. busy…. busy……

YourAngel “Ping” Lunch….Less, the Same or More than the normal?”

Your reply “More”

YourAngel “Oooops….try going lighter for your next meal”

Your thought…”Ok…. . dinner needs to be smaller than usual.”

You Rush…rush…busy busy….dinner time…remember smaller not bigger!

YourAngel “Ping Dinner…..Less, the Same or More than the normal?”

Your reply “Less”

YourAngel “Well done, you are on track to lose weight”

What the experts say.
MyFoodAngel is based on the latest scientific studies which show that tracking your weight and how much you eat is more important than what you eat. Researchers at Cornell University showed weight tracking to be an effective technique to resist weight gain. International Journal of Obesity (2006)

Harvard School of Public Health “The best diet is the one you”ll follow” “The only sure-fire way to lose weight is taking in fewer calories than you burn”

ABC news Medical Unit “It’s Not What You Eat, It’s How Much. Diet Does Not Matter as Much as Sticking to It, Study Says”

Michelle Obama “The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake.”

In the news

Dec 2010 The Straits Times, Singapore rated MyFoodAngel as the top weight loss Iphone app.

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