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123 Period Tracker - MonthPal

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Period-tracking is complicated. Simplify it with 123 Period Tracker which is unbelievably clear and simple to use. Just like do-re-mi.

If you are tired of seeing “your period is 100 days late”, or “period day: -50” in your period tracker every time you forget to update, 123 Period Tracker is what you need!

No resetting any more – even if you missed a few months, or you’ve changed the time on your iPhone, your period won’t mess up, and you will be reminded to fine tune it.

✓ Period notification
✓ Fertile notification
✓ Automatic and accurate prediction of your period, ovulation, fertility (excellent for activity planning)
✓ Fine tune your period automatically along the way
✓ Cloud-based data storage



“The best simple period app – I have tried most apps in this genre, and this is the best! This is so simple to use(unlike many sililar apps) and nice looking. Its nice someone found a way to create a period app without using cheesy pink flowers. It isnt cluttered up with a bunch of stuff about your moods, weight and whether you are bloated. Just simply and graphically shows when your periods are & and predicted date and your most fertile/infertile days. It is easy to enter past dates and make changes, unlike similar apps. Thank you, whoever made this!”



123 Period Tracker adopts an improved Standard Days Method, which has a method failure rate of < 5% per year.The symptoms-based methods has a method failure rate of 2% per year. But users need to track basal body temperatures and cervical mucus everyday at particular hour. And since irregular sleep can interfere with the accuracy of basal body temperatures, women who sleep late at night may not be able to use those methods.★★★★123 Period Tracker is a simpe product that will change the way you have been monitoring your period, fertile, and menstrual cycle, to a much easier way. Every woman who appreciates her body would need this unique and highly stylized portable solution.Your suggestions are most welcome. Please contact us through: Monthpal@gmail.comContent rating: Low Maturity

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