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Largest application of the diet, LG U + DIET U’s were introduced in the Android Market.

★ ★ Events

A. 500 presented to everyone to join Vita (period: ~ 7.31)
Two. Diet Diet U and the Maldives to go! (Date: July 16-August 26)
Three. Register at a premium, Tickets for 20,000 won (period: ~ 8.31)

★ ★ The main services

A. Creating a diet habit: 42 days mission and making diet habits
   – Daily carry out the mission given only his diet habits can be made.
Two. Celebrity beloved star trainer “syasyajeong” HOT with a Pilates class that
   – S line, which is making the required nose, abs, waist line and create a
   – S-line to complete the creation aepeulhip
Three. Yihyori, Honey Lee, including the stars who love to vegetarian diet
Four. Everything you need’s a woman!
   – A diet recommended by a professional MD diet of goods sold online cheapest
5 Diet alone is not to!
   – SNS service diet dieting consensus
   – The national body builders, exercise cheobangsa, professional nutritionists to my diet coaching.
Key Features ★ ★

– By entering their weight and body fat provides a systematic program that can manage
– Activities or exercise calories consumed and automatically calculates the amount of calories
– More than 100 workout videos anytime, anywhere professional environment in which you can follow along with the offer
– SNS like to share with your friends and useful information content of various diets
– The amount of water ingested meal meticulously checked and diary functions that can be written
– Diet-u discount to members of the various diet products
– Easy to order a diet meal delivery can be

About ★ ★

Awareness of diet, now simply ‘subtract weight’ as the meaning of a “health for all acts done ‘seems to change into. In June 2011 LG U + Hell C Notes on the iPhone and Android apps to start a diet by conducting service projects aepsijangeseoui opened a new chapter of 130,000 people currently using hoewonbun his freedom hasimyeo diet is giving a lot of appeal sent . Now, at any time and any place where you can conveniently manage and exercise LG U + U and a healthy diet a try, look for the body.

Information ★ ★
Oil diet, unlike a typical application of the individual, rather than data stored in the terminal in a manner that is stored on the server app to be deleted or that cumbersome backup the existing data stored in the disappearance of hasyeotdeon not work.

Home Sign In oil diet hasyeotdeon hoewonbun or ‘jjamjjamyi movement’ Customers that use separate apps without registering can be connected to existing identity and linkage data also plenty doemeuro web apps You can also have no problem with changing use.

Run error, bug-related inquiries, terminal vessels / OS version you are using / error messages / error-related information, including detailed information, please contact gijaehae guides and more accurate treatment is possible.
1:01 my page inquiries For inquiries e-mail (, please send it to.
Comments, feedback, user reviews can not be left in contact, so always check the exact 1:01 munuijusyeo have any questions via e-mail is now available.

Official channel ★ ★
– Website:
– Contact:
– Representative Number: 1661-4855

All Contents Copyright ⓒ LG UPLUS Co., Ltd Product All Rights Reserved.

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