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Hearing Test EN DEMO

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Good hearing for everybody!
Make Hearing Test EN is developed by Hahlbrock (German physician in the field of ear, nose and throat medicine – Freiburg speech test). And hearing frequencies 4–20kHz.
These tests usually take less than twenty minutes to complete.
In Germany you must pay for each doctor visit, 10 Euro. Our professional android app costs less.
The app needs no permissions. The test result is confidential.
There is no result stored. This app contains no banners.
Noise on streets, stress, visits to nightclubs, loud hearing with earphones or noise in the workplace cause hearing damage. Therefore, for health prevention, you should take a hearing test.
If a problem is found, you should go to an Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor or Audiologist they will advise the next steps.
Hearing aids can help you!
The free Demo for hearing test is our android app ” Hearing Test EN DEMO”. This app demonstrates the opportunities for hearing tests with sounds or tones, but you can’t listen to a tone. We would like you help you to achieve better hearing.
Take your time with the demonstrator and read the description of the “Hearing Test EN” before you buy the app “Hearing Test EN”. We want you to have good hearing! It is up to you to do something about it. Regular hearing monitoring is as important as regular blood pressure checks. With increasing age the ability to hear higherfrequencies diminishes greatly.
Many people suffer from hearing loss. In Germany, approximately 14 million.
As people age hearing changes in a very natural way. A person of 16 can effortlessly perceive frequencies up to 16 kHz. Possibly even to 20000Hz. A 70 year old, in the best if health, can only hear to about to 8000 Hz

Recent changes:
Optimized version, up to Android 4.x, also for Tablets

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