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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Up your motivation, improve your fitness, and stay on track with Gymprovise – a powerful, versatile, and flexible workout tracker for the Gym and outdoors, which gives you everything you need to plan, track, and review all your fitness activity.

Gymprovise is THE Workout, Fitness & Bodybuilding app for gym junkies, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders & anyone serious about getting fitter and stronger. This is the free, ads-supported version, with core functionality. Get the paid version for no ads and TONS of additional features!

Gymprovise makes it easy to plan & track all your fitness activity, in the gym & outdoors. We have many features to suit everyone from beginners to advanced bodybuilders. Here’s just some:

Intuitive UI, saves battery life
-UI integrates perfectly with Android ICS (4.0) & Jelly Bean (4.1/4.2), and works with older versions too.
-Dark scheme designed to conserve battery life, so your phone doesn’t die during your Workout.

Comprehensive Exercise Database
-415+ Strength/Cardio/Stretching Exercises, with clear instructions. Thumbnail-size images also available. (Full size images available in paid version)
-Exercise Equipment Filter & Advanced Search lets you quickly find Exercises.
-Create Exercises if what you need isn’t in the Database. (Paid version allows creation of more custom exercises)

Training Program & Routine Planning
-Create a customized Routine in minutes. Your Routine can be an arbitrary length of time, not just weekly.
-Routine Planning features suit all kinds of Routines – Weight Training/Bodybuilding/Cardio Training/Strength Training/Bulking/Cutting/General Fitness routines.
-4 built-in Routines available. (6 additional built-in routines available in paid version)

Smart Workout Tracking
-Effortlessly track the perfect Workout in real time, in the gym or outdoors. We have many tracking features like:

->Rest Timer & Stopwatch
->Note Taking
->Add/Remove Exercises/Sets
->EASY units conversion!
->Exercise Substitution
->Automatic 1RM Calculation

and MUCH more!

Weight/Body Fat/Body Measurement Tracking
-Easily track Weight, Body Fat %, Body Mass Index (BMI), & Body Measurements with daily logging. Left & Right sided Body Measurement Tracking supported.

Random Workouts
-Optionally setup Random-Style Workouts to keep your Training interesting.

Retrospective Logging
-Log and view past Workouts, Gym sessions, Weight, & Measurements with ease.

Progress Tracking
-View a snapshot of your Profile, Basic Stats, Weight, Exercise & Measurement progress.
-Quickly view progress in your favorite Exercises.
-See progress Charts for Weight & Exercises. (More Charts available in paid version)

Fitness Cloud Storage
-With your Gymprovise Account, backup & restore your fitness data.
-Export fitness data for offline use.

Social Media Integration
-Share Workout Details via Facebook/Twitter/Google+

Move to SD
-So you can free memory on your device

Inbuilt Help
-Integrated Help Guide for quick reference

NOTE: Access Location is only used to serve appropriate advertisements. Accessing location is NOT used by the application code itself.

Gymprovise was built by a group of gym junkies who know exactly what gym rats, bodybuilders, fitness junkies, weight trainers & athletes need from a workout app – because we’re just like you!

Try it and see why it’s THE BEST Workout Tracker on the Market! You won’t be disappointed!

Recent changes:
1.1.0 Changes

-17 BRAND NEW Exercises! Including some Crossfit and Weightlifting Exercises
-Ability for user to create their own custom Cardio/Stretching
-Workout Elapsed Time display
-Other minor enhancements & fixes

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