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Personal Accounting Software is an accounting tool that is primarily developed to make provision for saving, updating and modifying
all your account details. Our chief aim was to make a simple solution like a portable diary, where you could note down all your timely day to day transactions, and we believe that we have succeeded in acheiving the same.
The importance of maintaining an account of your daily dealings is recognized by all and if these accounts can be accessed easily that will add much more significance to it.
Our app can be implemented on mobile phones and tablets running android 2.2 or higher. We assure you that the software is simple, easy to use.
We define Master Data Management(MDM) as the technology,tools and processes required to create and maintain consistent and accurate list of master data. Master data can be described by the way in which it is created, read, updated, deleted, searched or how it interacts with other data.

For example in masters under bank you can create a bank master with details of your existing bank account with which further transactions can be carried out. Similarly under A/c Head all your expenses and income can be created with necessary details. You can also modify a Cash Account from here which symbolises the amount of cash in hand. Under party,your Sundry Creditor and Debtor accounts can be created and managed.
Special Group allows you to enter and modify group names for categorizing your transactions.
Cash Book
All your day to day transactions from the Cash Account(cash in hand) can be entered here. You can pick date and the type of transcations here. Once you click this button and your Cash account(cash in hand) balance is empty, a dialog asks if you want to enter an opening balance in Cash Account .

Bank Book
Your transactions which uses a bank account can be filled through this. If the amount is debited/credited via cheque then you can enter the cheque details also. If the type of payment is debit then bank details field is disabled as it will not be necessary else if the type of payment is credit then bank details field will be enabled.

Sales and Purchase transactions can be submitted here which will require the rate quantity and amount for each transaction. Amount field value(rate X qty) is automatically displayed once you enter the rate and qty. You can set preference on clicking the preference button.
If you have any entry in transactions then a Statement button appears in the page

Your Monthly and daily transaction report can be chosen from here, which will be displayed in an excel sheet. Outstanding button displays the final amount in the account as receivable and payable.

Now if you need a reminder repeating for a constant interval of time, set date and time at which alarm should finish and also fill start before field and interval field. The 1st notification appears at the time mentioned in start before field and after that it will be repeated for the given interval until the date and time is reached

A daily reminder can be enabled by checking the Set Daily Reminder field. Set a time and the alarm will notify you daily at that particular time.

Once you receive a notification you can click on it, which displays the reminder page with the details from where you can delete or update the reminder further.

Once you choose a particular from and to date all your transaction reports within that time period is listed.
There is also an option to mail your report as an excel sheet so that you can later analyze the accounts.

In settings you have options to back up and restore the database. Once you have entries transactions for a week or month you can make a back up of this database and start fresh. This data can be restored later for any checking.

Clear database allows you to clear all your transactions in cash book, bank book, journal book and transactions page.

Recent changes:
Transaction module for Sales n Purchase Entry

This s an evaluation copy. if you like this app, Buy Activation key for full version.

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