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CTN Car - Vehicle Management

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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The CTN Car is an application for managing expenses of your vehicle. With it, you can have control over the cost of fuel consumption, maintenance expenses or costs of service your car, motorcycle, bus or truck, presenting reports and charts using information such as average Km / liter, monthly expenses, averages per day, fuels, etc.. Using this application will have a hands on financial control of your car.

In addition to recording each supply can also register the expenses of your vehicle whether it be financing, fines, parking, taxes, finally spending in general, the user can also register the types of expenses, so you get detailed reports on each type of expense report or generate about all expenses.

The registration service follows the same pattern of expenditure, where the user can record the expenses related to services including fuel filter change, tire rotation, etc.. As the costs will also have detailed report by type of service and general report.

If you want to create a reminder for future maintenance or service on your car, you can also register your will serve as a reminder scheduling, you can set the reminder date or when you get close to desired mileage.

To facilitate the generation of reports there is a possibility to filter information from your history through a period in this way will get statistics of how much was spent, total cost, and the average price of fuel that your vehicle did during the week, month or year, costs with maintenance.

To ensure the accuracy of the calculations of average fuel consumption will require at least two full refueling is not necessary to be consecutive. In this way every prediction will resupply how many miles and days may go, telling you the date and mileage of the next supply.

THE SOFTWARE IS FREE AND WILL REMAIN FREE, you can make suggestions to improve and customize the application.

Using this application will have a hands on financial control of your vehicle, making it easier and showing you what the best option to supply.

multiple vehicles
Registration of supplies;
Registration costs;
Register of services;
Registration reminders;
Registration gas stations;
Register of expense types;
Signup types of services;
Weather next supply;
Signups values ​​to three decimal places;
Distance Traveled;
Create and restore backup;
Monthly expenses;
Fuel efficiency;
Statistics fuel;
Statistics expenses;
Filter by date;
Car Anslysis;
Fuel consumption;
Consumption of gasoline;
Average consumption;
Consumption vehicle;
Vehicle expenses;
Types of fuels;
Monthly expenses;
Spending on car;
Cost per day;
Total liters;
Management of car;
Cost km;
Cost / Mile;
Average cost;
Media Km / Day;
Average car;
Average consumption;
Miles Media / Day;
Manager expenses;
Historical fuel price;
Summary gas stations;
Statistics of miles km;
Manage car;
Cost management;
Total Liters;
Total Gallons;
Total spent on fuel;
Total spent on expenses;
Total expenditure on services;
Financial control;
Flex Calculator;
Car Expenses;

For fuel station;
Type of expense;
Type of service;
For supplies;

Distance for supply;
Gas stations;
Monthly expenses;
Type expense;
Type service;
Comparative spending;

Fuel types:
Gasoline, Diesel and Ethanol.

Liters, U.S. gallon and Imperial Gallon;

Fuel Efficiency (average):
Km / Liter, Km / L, Km / U.S. gallon, Km / Imperial Gallon, Litro/100Km, l/100km, Americano/100Km gallon, mpg, Gallon Imperial/100Km, Mile / Liter, Mile / U.S. gallon, Mile / Gallon Imperial, Litro/100Mi, Gallon and Gallon Americano/100Mi Imperial/100Mi

Kilometers (km) and Miles (Mi)

Recent changes:
If you encounter problems while updating contact immediately.

version 1.15

– Available Flex Calculator to assist in decision making for which fuel supply.
– Improvements in graphics.

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