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How can I protect myself form rising energy prices?
The Green Deal App is here to help you save money, save energy and reduce Carbon emissions in your home. There are some great government schemes available which helps you save your pocket and the planet.
The Future of energy is in your hands
We need to become more resourceful, moving forward into a new era in order to relieve the increasing pressure on our energy resources.
Thankfully doing so also relieves the pressure on our pockets and saves us money.
The UK government recognises this challenge and opportunity, so have set up schemes to help you save!
What is the Green Deal?
The ‘Green Deal’ is a great scheme, put simply loans are made in order for you to make energy efficiency improvements to your property (domestic and Commercial), the savings made by improvements will pay for the loan. Essentially there is no upfront cost!
What is the Feed in Tariff?
Feed in Tariff (FiT) electricity companies will pay you a rate for producing electricity and a further rate for exporting electricity to the grid. Add this to the savings you can make on your electricity bill and this creates a lucrative scheme.
What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) This is the first scheme of its kind in the world! The government will pay property owners for each kWh of heat produced from a renewable source. Again couple this payment with the savings made in fuel bills and now modern technologies are an attractive option for any property.
The Green Deal App is your first stepping stone in realising the saving you can make in your home.
What energy saving technologies can install?
Solid Wall Insulation
Loft insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation
Energy saving light bulbs
Heating controls
New Energy Efficient heating systems
What renewable technologies can I install?
Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Wind Turbines
Heat Pumps
The opportunity to save and even profit is at its best now. The Green Deal App will let you know the potential amount you could save and earn from government schemes. You can then contact us to arrange one of surveyors to visit your property to arrange the specifics for the installation.

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