Earny: top up your mobile


Earny: top up your mobile

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UpdatedMarch 25, 2016
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Don’t top up your mobile ever again!
Earny is an opportunity to recharge your mobile by installing applications. We work in the whole world!

When you sign up, you allow us to inform you about new offers. If you proceed the links in short messages or click on push notifications, you’ll be directed to an app you need to install to earn money. After you have downloaded the app from Google Play, please don’t forget to open it! Then your mobile is automatically recharged or the money is added to your Balance. Please check the Balance page to learn if you need to collect money to receive the top-up. This depends on the country, and due to limitations set by mobile providers, we unfortunately can’t send instant top-ups to some of you.

There is a referral system for those who want to invite friends and get a bonus. You can also request a referral link for each offer and share it lately with anyone to earn money when they install the app.

If you have not received the promised after installing the app, please make a deep breath and first try to analyze what you just did:
– Did you download the same app as the one that was featured in Earny? Sometimes links may direct you to the wrong application, in this case just don’t download it.
– If you are a user who has signed up with a mobile phone number, are you sure that you are in the same country as your phone number was provided in.
– Do you use Lenovo or some really unpopular Chinese Android phones? This might be a problem as well! We put it in our rules when you signed up and we are sorry.
– Did you have a good Internet connection while downloading the app, and there was no IP change between clicking on the offer in Earny and opening it after downloading? Like if you were on the subway using WiFi and clicked on the link, and then you got upstairs to the street, switching to 3G, your IP address changes, and we can’t track such downloads.
– Are you sure you have not installed this app ever before?
If you did great, then please don’t be frustrated, write to our support email and provide all the data about your download (which app, your phone number, date of download, device model) so we can help you and also send you money if it was our fault!
Thank you for understanding! Our main goal is to benefit along with you!

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