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UpdatedApril 6, 2015
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Ajusto is a free application from Desjardins Insurance that lets you monitor your driving habits and watch them improve trip after trip. Ajusto is the first 100% mobile telematics insurance program in Canada!

You can try the application free of charge for 90 days. Use the Ajusto app to see improvements in your driving habits.

If you are a Desjardins Insurance client and have signed up for the Ajusto program, the application can help you save on your auto insurance premium at renewal. Your score could turn into a discount of up to 25%. With the Ajusto app, you have more control over your auto insurance savings than ever!

Use the application to:
• Track your driving habits and help make the roads safer by monitoring your score
• Track your trips daily and analyze your performance based on four criteria:
o Driving smoothness. The more you can avoid fast acceleration, hard braking and hard cornering, the higher your score!
o Speed. Respect the speed limit to reduce the risk of an accident and maximize your score.
o Time of day travelled. Accident risks are lower at certain times of the day. Respecting speed leads to safer roads!
o Distance travelled. Shorter trips pay off because they help you increase your score. The less you drive, the more you save!

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