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Payoff Calculator

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UpdatedSeptember 7, 2014
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A payoff calculator that will answer two questions simply and easily.
One, how much is my payment given the loan balance, interest rate and term (number of months)?
Two, how many months will it take me to pay off my loan given the loan balance, interest rate and monthly payment?
By entering your balance due, the interest rate you are paying, and either the number of months you want to pay, or the amount you want to pay each month, the remaining information is instantly calculated.
As a bonus, the calculator displays the amount of interest you paid over the life of the loan. Hint, the faster you pay off your loan the smaller this figure will be – always a good thing.
Whether you are using a small phone or a large tablet the application scales beautifully. It contains an always available key pad with large keys making entering data quick and easy as well as providing simple and swift navigation between fields.
Use the calculator to quickly determine how best to payoff credit card debt, car loans, bank loans, house mortgages, furniture loans or other loans.

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