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UpdatedJuly 4, 2014
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TabTrader is trading terminal for bitcoin exchanges ANXPRO, HitBtc, BTC-E, BTCChina, Bitstamp, Kraken, Justcoin. Trade various cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP), Namecoin (NMC) and others. Platform enables fully functional mobile trading. Fast price charts with technical indicators, drawing and trading directly from charts. Includes widget for BTC, Dogecoin, Ripple etc. Price alerts by push notifications. News from Reddit, Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine.
★ Buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Namecoin and others.
★ Real-time bitcoin exchange price data.
★ Fast and smooth chart.
★ Technical analysis (indicators) on the chart.
★ Price push notifications.
★ Order book and chart trading.
★ Widget with price alerts.
★ Trade bitcoin for free.
★ List of active orders.
★ Last exchange trades (tape).
★ Secure trading.
★ Watchlist and price ticker of all major cryptocoins.
★ Add account by API keys.
★ Track your buy and sell orders.
★ Different timeframes to trade.
★ Draw on the BTC price chart.
★ Share you trades on Twitter, Facebook or your blog.
★ Great for bitcoin miners to buy and sell mined coins.
★ Trade bitcoin for profit thanks to technical analysis.
★ World’s largest exchanges: Bitstamp, Btc-e, Kraken, Btcchina, ANX, ANXPRO, HitBtc and Justcoin.
★ Supports Bitcoin BTC, Dogecoin DOGE, Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP, Terracoin TRC, Feathercoin FTC, Namecoin NMC, Novacoin NVC, PPcoin PPC.
★ Track balance of your bitcoin wallet on any exchange.
★ Cryptocurrencies newsfeed: Reddit, Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine.
★ Allows to buy and sell BTC, DOGE, XDG, LTC, Ripple, XRP, NVC, TRC, FTC, XPM, PPC, and NMC in all major currencies including USD, CNH, CNY, EUR, HKD, AUD, CAD, JPY, SGD, GBP, RUR, KRW, NOK, NZD and CHF.
Supported cryptocurrencies:
– Bitcoin: Bitstamp, Btc-e, Kraken, Btcchina, ANX, ANXPRO, HitBtc and Justcoin.
– Litecoin: Bitstamp, Btc-e, Kraken, Btcchina, ANX, ANXPRO, HitBtc and Justcoin.
– Ripple exchanges: Kraken, Justcoin.
– Dogecoin Doge: HitBtc, Kraken (for Dogecoin instead of DOGE select XDG abbreviation on Kraken).
– PPcoin: ANXPRO, BTC-E.
– Namecoin: ANXPRO, Kraken.
– Novacoin: BTC-E.
– Terracoin: BTC-E.
If you have any app problems please email to:
On rooted devices with custom ROMs you need to go to firewall or antivirus settings to enable ports 45455 and 8828.

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