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Finance manager made fun. Helps with your money, bills, budgets and expenses.
★ What the media say about Toshl Expense Tracker and Finance Manager ★
“Now I know where my money is disappearing to now, thanks to Toshl, a smart little smartphone app for multiple platforms. Super simple expenses input. ” — BBC
“ Toshl is simple to use and organizes expenses in a streamlined manner. If you use multiple smartphones running on a variety of platforms, you will really love Toshl. ” — The Next Web
“ Without a shadow of a doubt, that is one of the best apps that I’ve yet had the pleasure to review. First 10/10 rating that AppCritic has given. ” — AppCritic
★ What is Toshl Finance Expense Tracker ★
Toshl Finance is a personal finance assistant and expense tracker that makes managing finances fun and effortless. It helps you make your personal finances sustainable in the long run.
★ What does Toshl Finance Finance Expense Tracker do ★
– manages personal finances
– tracks expenses, budgets, bills
– helps you visualize, analyze data with infographics-helps you save money-syncs to the cloud for backup, multiple devices sync, graphs
– can help your family, small business or group track common expenses and bills under the same account
★ Why is Toshl Finance Expense Tracker cool ★
– plenty of charachter, with actual little characters
– easy to use finance manager, expense tracker and bill organizer
– beautifuly designed & smooth
– responsive, stable and secure
★ Notable Features ★
– multiple, custom tags for expenses
– enter expenses in any currency
– automatically convert expenses to your main currency while traveling
– budgets for specific tags, daily, weekly, monthly time periods
– lock the app with a passcode
– free your data: export to CSV, PDF, Excel and even Google Docs (Toshl Pro)
– automatic e-mail reports
★ How to use Toshl Finance Manager ★
Noting an expense in Toshl Expense Tracker and finance manager is quicker than a shooting star. Simply enter the price, tap the right tag for your expense and save.
Gather up your expenses, bills and gain from the knowledge of what exactly is eating up all your money. You can then set up budgets and repeating bills to warn you when you’re going over your limits. You can set a daily budget, weekly budget, monthly budget or a yearly budget. You can also set up specific budgets for your tags. Want to track just how much you spend on mint tea and lemons? Easy as pie.
With all that information about your personal finances you can then use beautiful graphs which help you understand your spending as fun and easy as possible.
WIth Toshl Expense Tracker and finance manager you’ll have your money in good shape and under control.
★ Toshl Pro ★
The Toshl Finance app is free to use, but there are more features and capabilities available with Toshl Pro. Toshl Pro adds more graphs on the web, you can use more than one budget, export to additional formats (PDF, Excel, GDocs) etc. Plus positive karma points you get for supporting the development of Toshl.
Find out more about Toshl Pro on
★ Ahead of, Pageonce and ★
Use Toshl, track your money spending and save money with ease. Compare it with complicated and/or expensive finance managers and budget apps like WiseMoney, EasyMoney, Mint, Pageonce, iWallet,, Daily Money, Expense Manager, Spendroid, Money Manager and enjoy the ease of use and solid security in Toshl Expense Tracker and finance manager.
Why is Toshl Finance better than, Pageonce, EasyMoney and
– only works in the US and Canada,, Pageonce only in the US,
– less cluttered and easier to understand than or EasyMoney
– is only available on Android and iOS, EasyMoney on Android, but Toshl Expense Tracker is available on Android, Windows Phone, iOS, MeeGo, Symbian and BlackBerry with cross-platform sync
– friendly Toshl Monsters to make finance fun

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