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UpdatedSeptember 18, 2013
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Classora Finance. Financial and historical stock market data.

The only Android app that lets you know the historical prices of companies in major indexes as well as the evolution of companies that interest you month after month, for decades.

In addition, Classora Finance incorporates important economic and social information that proceeds in most cases from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

The available data to companies listed on the IBEX-35, Dow Jones, NASDAQ-100 and NASDAQ Composite are:

-The number of transactions per month
-The stock price at the end of the month
-The monthly revaluation

In Classora Finance you can consult additional reports such as:

-Per capita income and GDP of all countries by the World Bank.
-GDP of the Autonomous Communities in Spain.
-Per capita income and GDP of U.S. states.
-Unemployment rate in all regions of Spain. Also in the European Union countries, USA and Japan.
-Demographic data of countries by the World Bank.
-Demographic data of municipalities, provinces and -Autonomous Communities of Spain.
-Infrastructures such as paved roads, bridges, high-speed trains, airports, etc… According to the World Bank and other official sources.
-Information such as natural resources. The number of Blue Flag beaches by Autonomous Community, and so on.

Customize your interests to keep up to date the information quickly and easily.
In short, a querying application where you can find many interesting facts.
Do not miss it! Classora Finance does not include advertising and will be freefor a limited time only.

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