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UpdatedSeptember 16, 2013
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Because there are so many bills in your daily life, you have to record them down in a bill book. So you can know how much money you spend a day or what you have down with money. At the end of the month, you will not confused about why the money all spent out. Open the bill book, you can see them clearly. But when you are outside and has no bill book at hand, you may forget to record it, after the spending. In fact, you can have a spending book on your phone. Then, whenever you have a new bill, you can record them down. Daily Spending is a free app used on mobile to help you record all bills down. It not only have no time and place limitation, but also show you a list of all bills you made. It not only can record the content (what you have done with the money), but also classify the bill into many types. It not only can record spending but also can record income, and make a compare between income and outcome.

In addition the the function we mentioned, it can also record your life secret. There is a note book on this app. You can open it to write your daily notes no matter happy thing or sad thing. Or have the inspiration encounter you, you can also record them in time and write something great. You can search the notes you write before.

The contents in this app are also protected by a secret password made by yourself. The password can be the shapes like geometry and word or the lines connected the bowls. Please remember the password and do not tell others. Or your secret will be known by others. You can reset the password if you are not satisfy with the former one. The password should not be too shore, or it will not agreed by the app and others can enter it easily.

1.Totally free app.
2.Show you a calendar with day, month, year, weekend in a purple square.
3.Add daily diary type as you like.
4.Give the work you record with time and importing rate by stars.
5.Search the calender you made and press the red day to enter.
6.Add felling to the diary you mad.
7.Record new bills when you spend money or earn money.
8.Set the bill time.
9.The expenditure and income are all classified into many types like daily, utility fees, petrol and so on.
10.Search bill history like daily bill, weekly bill, last week bill, this month bill..
11.See the bill curve. You can see the yearly curve, or the outcome/income pie chart.
12.Make a compare between income and outcome. Or make compare between the types.
13.Add the secret notes on this app. There are title and content.
14.Search the notes history. It will show you the notes title in the list.
15.Reset password. You should save and confirm again.
16.Supply us by giving 5 stars or send us suggestions and problems.

This is a all in one app. You can use it to record daily bills, record work should do in the future, and write daily secret notes. Download one free app but enjoy three functions. How great! With this app, you life will become more ordered and convenient. This app can be your best friend too. You can share all secrets with it no matter the thing is good or bad. It can keep them secret for you!

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