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Scratch Protector - Protection for your phone without cover


Scratch Protector - Protection for your phone without cover

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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An innovative App that can protect your phone from scratches!

Suppresses Vibrations: How often do we realize that we left our phone on charging, while the phone was either on Vibration/ Ringer + Vibration mode, and typically the phone lies on a rough surface while it charges.

During this state, if you receive a phone call, the phone keeps on vibrating of the surface and over time small scratches appear on your phone.

In case you left the phone at the corner of the table, your phone may also fall while vibrating!

The App works to protect your phone, by suppressing the vibrations while on charging mode. Your phone automatically switches to normal mode with vibration on as soon as you plug it out. The App continuously works in the background so that you do not have to remember to disable vibration all the time.

No more missed Calls: Also, often does it happen that you get back home and put your phone on the charging mode, completely forgetting that your phone was silent when you were in office or college. You realize later that you missed an important call as your phone was still silent as it lied on the table charging.

The App provides a selected set of 5 high pitch ringtones that automatically get activated when your phone is on charging mode, thus ensuring that you do not miss those important calls when the phone is away from you charging.

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