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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Image search let you access and browse photos from Google search, Picasa, Flickr, Twitpic and Imgur.
Set any image from the search or part of the image as wallpaper of your phone.
The application is able to store all the keywords used for searches so that you can always go back quickly to previously research or change them.
To fit different taste we have introduce two themes Dark and White, go to settings to change from white to dark.
With imagesearch you can now see trends of google searches for different countries.
Features are :
– Browse & Upload photos from photo sharing sites
– Set current images as wallpapers
– Can search multiple image providers at once
– Search for images with google image search service
– Search for images with google picasa service
– Search for images with bing (not public anymore)
– Search for images with flickr
– Search for images with twitpic
– Context menu to remove previous search
– Access to imgur galleries (check the imgur for the tags to use)
– Use caching so you don’t use bandwidth
– Zooming capabilities with multitouch
– Download of images
– Share images
– See a description of the image
– Link to see the website where was published
– Partial off line mode : loading of old search if there is no network
It is very common to use this app to search for celebrities, such as actors, models … places to see pictures of cities
Version 3.0.8
– Major redesign and improvements for tablet
Version 2.5.9
– Bug fixes and image loading improvements
Version 2.5.4
– Fix for 2.1 devices
Version 2.5.3
– Now is possible to zoom directly in the gallery
– Fixed image quality problem on favourite
– Removed Twicsy as api is not available anymore
Version 2.5.2
– Introduced trends, to see what is the most search term
– Autoloading of multiple pages
– Caching of results to reduce network traffic
Version 2.5.1
– now is possible to choose between dark and white skin, if you want to do that go into settings
– we have introduce a safe mode
– bug fixes on zoom and wallpaper
– we also change fonts 🙂
Version 2.5
– improve speed of image download, images in the grid are a bit blurry but you can see what the image looks like before you download.
– now you can set a default folder where to download the images and skip the Folder Picker
– fix issue for devices with old android os
Version 2.4.3
– improve download
– bug fix
Version 2.4.1
– bug fix for problem in the gallery
Version 2.4
– complete review of the of the UI with action bar and menu drawer
– possibility to keep favourite images
Version 2.3
– removed bing, api is not public anymore
– fix for broken services
– reduce battery consumption with new google analytics
Version 2.2.3
– changed acra id
Version 2.2.2
– quick fix for cache memory issue on some mobile
Version 2.2.1
– Many UI changes, now more ICS like
– Improve speed of download of images
– Better cache management
– Made clear how to load more results when available
Version 1.7.7
– Fix problem with the zoom if images are too big
Version 1.7.6
– Temporary fix for twitpic
– New image provider twicsy
– Change Zoom view, now is all native
– Few bug fixes
Version 1.7.5
– Bug fixes to reduce memory errors
Version 1.7.4
– Base64 missing on some device
– Minor bug fixes
Version 1.7.3
– Speed improvements with download of images
– Minor bug fixes
Version 1.7.0
– Bug fixes
– Picasa pagination, parsing description and link
– Bing pagination, now loading all the images you want
– New order of the image services to reflect usage
Version 1.6.16
– Better management of big images (new way to use the BitmapFactory)
– new version of google analytics
Version 1.6.15
– New better way to set wallpaper
– You can set an image directly to contact image
Version 1.6.14
– full support of japanese
– auto traslation of korean for the app itself
– bug fix : improve filtering of bad url in twitpic api
– lots of bug fix (it is worth to update)

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