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Providing a more impressive film Global No.1 Cultureplex CGV’s application.
Stronger CGV 4.0 of newly born CGV App and have fun!
Booking services more convenient and differentiated primary!
CGV spectators can keep the memories of the film and the movie log
Information-rich films, and for the Frugal Movies Experience offers a wide range of services!
* Features

One. Introduce a real quick reservation.
1) Start your reservation fast right from the main
Booking can be directly selected movies, if you want another movie showtimes reservation (Theatre / date basis) and
Quick Booking (film / theater / date-based) reservation quickly and easily you can do!

2) movie, date, theater at a glance!
Select the movie you just need to select the date you want to watch by theater, by screening type faster!

3) Choose a cool, clean the seat!
Specific seat configuration and the division wide screen
I can get to easily select the desired seating

4) frugal for Movies!
Forgotten CGV movie admission ticket, CJ ONE point coupons, discount cards, etc.
Altteulsaltteul gyeoljeeul various discounts for the purchase of one ticket available out!

Two. Your movies, memories and CGV movie log
1) “This film is not to be missed!” – Wish List
Usual care were kept out, and put the movie in advance and wish list, receive notifications gaebongil gaebongil do not miss out!

2) “Watching my own history” – I’ve seen the movie
CGV spectators gathered in one place, watching a movie, write your actual audience ratings also.

3) “History does not remember them, so …” – Movie Diary
Artworks for this movie and I have memories of my own record out!

Three. Now, do not miss the various notification services
1) “movie start times already works!” Entry Information Notification
I set up a mobile ticket CGV position information in the notification of the start time of the movie, do not miss!

2) “I just wanted to see the movie, do not miss it!” Gaebongil notifications Wish List
There was a movie I wanted to just do not know when the gaebongil If you’ve missed notifications Wish List gaebongil experience!

3) “Now the point of the movie at once touching and CJ ONE” – Write a review notification
The excitement of watching a movie coming out at the moment CJ ONE point also gear up to leave a review!
Four. Alone, not “we” App Sharing feature together
Nowadays, the popular movie for him to wonder about the CGV movie …
SNS for the artworks that I’ve seen the movie you want to share and share CGV movie diary features …
See the movies you want to share my Reservation Friend! Share CGV leveraging mobile tickets now!

* Note
– Wi-Fi and 3G is available in both environments, but if it is not an unlimited data plan can result in data charges.
– An updated version of the application for safety shoes continuously updated your registration please.
* E-mail: cgvapp@cj.net
* CGV Customer Service: 1544-1122
* Twitter: http://twitter.com/CJ_CGV
Review only if you leave feedback, we can not answer,
An error occurred during the application using CGV or comments, please e-mail improvements (cgvapp@cj.net) Please leave your contact.
Thank you.

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