Storage Defragmenter


Storage Defragmenter

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Thanks for all the positive feedback:
**** great app, Its possible to remove the ads from within the app. Unique feature.
**** Good Simple, Does what it says!
**** Awesome app Great work even those there r ads i can get over that speeded up my s3 very well
**** excellent upgrade this tools and pleased can you add anti virus for my A1 phone thanks
**** Brilliant Best one by far!
Storage Defragmenter does clear unwanted temporary files and can significantly increase internal memory. There are cases where more than 40% has been recovered. There are many fake apps in the market saying that they defragment your flash memory. This is not necessary often seen as obsolete. This app does clean your cache and increases available memory!
Storage Defragmenter does:
– Indicate current amount of storage used.
– Cleans memory cache that slow down your phone and tablet
– Delete corrupted files which decrease performance a lot.
– Detailed report in storage used
– User friendly design
– Its use reduces start up time
– Increase battery performance
– Increase phone and tablet speed.!
Disclaimer: There is a benefit to defragmenting a flash drive, although it is not nearly as noticeable as the performance benefit of defragmenting a regular drive. This app simulates the defragmentation proces.

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