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UpdatedOctober 14, 2013
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This dice app feels like real dice in the box! It sets the bar for virtual dice casting to a whole new level.

Tap the background to show or hide die menu. Add a few dice, then try shaking, sliding and throwing them. Turn your phone upside down and see how dice fall into the glass. Rotate your phone to observe beautiful light reflects.

You can change box style, die style and other settings from application preferences. If you have an older device, disabling visual effects and sound effects improves performance – for optimum performance disable all effects and set die style to matte.

The recipe for the most realistic dice app in the market reveals that only the best ingredients were used:

– Rightware Kanzi framework for stunning 3D graphics
– Bullet physics engine for fascinating, realistic physics modeling
– State-of-the-art AHRS sensor fusion algorithm for fast and accurate movement tracking

Use sensor fusion to accurately calculate every movement of the device: tilting, shaking, rotating. Apply measured movements to a 3D box. Add freely moving dice according to your own flavour, but make sure that they slide, roll and bounce naturally. Finally render the graphics using HW acceleration. Decorate with sound and vibration effects. Serve warm and FREE.

Have a bite and download yours now! As usual, share freely. If you’re interested, the sensor fusion algorithm is open source and available under LGPL license (contact us for more information).

You are welcome to ask questions, discuss and read news about our other apps at http://finweaiapps.blogspot.fi

Stay tuned for other amazing apps from Finwe Ltd.

Recent changes:
2.1 Better performance & Nexus 7 support
– Dramatically improved rendering performance
– Improved performance when extra visual effects disabled
– Total score and mirror effect now work in Nexus 7
– Minor bug fixes

2.0 Major update
– New glossy dice
– New theme: marble
– New effects: shadow/reflection
– Total score
– Installing on memory card now supported
– Reduced memory requirement
– Bug fixes & minor improvements everywhere

1.0 First version

Content rating: Everyone

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