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UpdatedOctober 14, 2013
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Color images of Rainbow Brite on your mobile phone. High quality free coloring book app for kids. Your children will love this!

Paintbucket, paintbrush, undo feature, and more! this is a fun kids coloring, painting app.

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Rainbow Brite is a media franchise by Hallmark Cards, introduced in 1983. The animated television series of the same name was started in 1984.
Rainbow Brite made her animated debut in a syndicated prime-time special, “Peril in the Pits”, first aired on June 27, 1984. Two more two-part specials were subsequently made, “The Mighty Monstromurk Menace” and “The Beginning of Rainbowland”.
In April 1986, Rainbow Brite became a regular series, as part of DIC’s weekly syndicated Kideo TV block; eight new episodes were made for this run. Rainbow Brite remained part of the Kideo TV lineup until May 1987.

In the franchise’s backstory, a little orphan girl named Wisp is taken by an unknown force to the Colorless World. She must find the Sphere of Light, and along the way she befriends a sprite, Twink, and a majestic white horse with rainbow hair known as Starlite. She rescues the seven Color Kids (one for each color of the rainbow) and finds the Color Belt, which is the tool she needs to bring color to the land. After using it to defeat the King of Shadows (also known as the Evil Force and the Dark One), an evil hooded being with twitchy fingers, the unknown force renames Wisp as Rainbow Brite. She and the Color Kids (and their helpers, the Sprites) live in Rainbow Land and are in charge of all the colors on Earth.
The Color Belt needs colored Star Sprinkles to work. Each Color Kid is in charge of his/her respective color, and their Sprites mine Color Crystals from the Color Caves, which are turned into Star Sprinkles by a process much like using cookie cutters. In the 2009 release, the color belt still functions, but Rainbow Brite and the other Sky Powers have scepters as well.
The movie Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, made in 1985, added a magical planet of light named Spectra, which is also called the diamond planet. All the light in the universe must pass through Spectra before coming to Earth. The Dark Princess causes problems when she tries to wrap ropes around Spectra (in order to haul the giant diamond to her palace), which blocks out the light and throws Earth into a permanent winter.

Main characters:

Rainbow Brite – the title protagonist. She is the main source of light and color of the planet earth, as it is her job to make everything beautiful.
Twink – Rainbow Brite’s assistant.
Starlite – Rainbow Brite’s horse.
Murky Dismal

Recurring characters:

Color Kids and Sprites:
Red Butler and Romeo Sprite – in charge of everything red
Lala Orange and O.J. Sprite – in charge of everything orange
Canary Yellow and Spark Sprite – in charge of everything yellow
Patty O’Green and Lucky Sprite – in charge of everything green
Buddy Blue and Champ Sprite – in charge of everything blue
Indigo and Hammy Sprite – in charge of everything indigo and cooler shades of purple
Shy Violet and I.Q. Sprite – in charge of everything violet and warmer shades of purple
Skydancer (Stormy’s Horse)
Tickled Pink

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