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Sailor Moon, known in Japan as Bishōjo Senshi Sailormoon, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. Fred Patten credits her with popularizing the concept of a team of magical girls, and Paul Gravett credits the series with revitalizing the magical girl genre itself. Sailor Moon redefined the magical girl genre, as previous magical girls did not use their powers to fight evil, but this has become one of the standard archetypes of the genre.
The story of the various metaseries revolves around the reborn defenders of a kingdom that once spanned the Solar System and the evil forces that they battle. The major characters — the Sailor Senshi (literally “Sailor Soldiers”; called “Sailor Scouts” or “Guardians” in Western versions) — are teenage girls who can transform into heroines named for the Moon and planets. The use of “Sailor” comes from a style of girls' school uniform popular in Japan, the sērā fuku (“Sailor outfit”), on which Takeuchi modeled the Sailor Senshi's uniforms. The fantasy elements in the series are heavily symbolic and often based on mythology.
Serena Tsukino is a teenage girl who is described as a daydreamer, a little careless, not the best student and a bit of a cry baby. This is the story of how she is transformed into the fighter for justice – Sailor Moon. This Halloween you can be part of this anime saga with a Sailor Moon costume.
If you are one of the legions of fans of this anime that revolves around a team of magical girls, using super powers to fight evil, then you will be familiar with this story.
Serena's life is changed forever when, on her way to school she rescues a black cat from a group of kids taunting it. She later learns that the cat can talk. Her name is Luna and she gives Serena a brooch and tells her to say, “Moon prism power, make up”. With those words, Serena is transformed into a super hero – Sailor Moon – a fighter for justice.
After she finally defeats the villain in the initial anime episode, another of the characters – Tuxedo Kamen – complements her on a job well done and her eyes fill with hearts.
She is then told that in addition to fighting for justice, part of her mission is to find the other sailor scouts: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars. She is also given several special items to help her utilize her super powers, beginning with the transformation brooch, transformation pen, and a communication device that she uses to talk to other sailor scouts in times of emergency.
The Sailor Moon costume comes from a heart warming and very popular anime tradition. It is complete with the original blue and white sailor dress with a large red bow at the neckline decorated with a heart in the middle. There are long white gloves with a blue cuff and a magical necklace included with this Halloween costume. You can the add Chacha Boot Red to your Sailor moon costume for a complete look.

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