Van Gogh Wallpapers set 2


Van Gogh Wallpapers set 2

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Van Gogh Wallpapers set 2

Mega collection of paintings of Vincent van Gogh, part 2. Paintings from Saint-Remy (May 1889 – May 1890).

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On 8 May 1889, accompanied by his carer, the Reverend Salles, Van Gogh committed himself to the hospital at Saint Paul-de-Mausole. A former monastery in Saint-Remy less than 20 miles (32 km) from Arles, the monastery is located in an area of cornfields, vineyards and olive trees at the time run by a former naval doctor, Dr. Theophile Peyron. Theo arranged for two small rooms—adjoining cells with barred windows. The second was to be used as a studio.
During his stay, the clinic and its garden became the main subjects of his paintings. He made several studies of the hospital interiors, such as Vestibule of the Asylum and Saint-Remy (September 1889). Some of the work from this time is characterized by swirls—including one of his best-known paintings The Starry Night. He was allowed short supervised walks, which led to paintings of cypresses and olive trees, like Olive Trees with the Alpilles in the Background 1889, Cypresses 1889, Cornfield with Cypresses (1889), Country road in Provence by Night (1890). That September he also produced a further two versions of Bedroom in Arles.
Limited access to the world outside the clinic resulted in a shortage of subject matter. He was left to work on interpretations of other artist’s paintings, such as Millet’s The Sower and Noon – Rest from Work (after Millet), as well as variations on his own earlier work. Van Gogh was an admirer of the Realism of Jules Breton, Gustave Courbet and Millet and compared his copies to a musician’s interpreting Beethoven. Many of his most compelling works date from this period. His The Round of the Prisoners (1890) was painted after an engraving by Gustave Dore (1832–1883). It is suggested that the face of the prisoner in the center of the painting and looking toward the viewer is Van Gogh himself, although the noted Van Gogh scholar Jan Hulsker discounts this.
Towards the end of his stay, Van Gogh suffered a severe relapse lasting two month between February and April 1890. Nevertheless he was able to paint and draw a little during this time and he later wrote Theo that he had made a few small canvases “from memory … reminisces of the North”. Amongst these was Two Peasant Women Digging in a Snow-Covered Field at Sunset. Hulsker believes that this small group of paintings formed the nucleus of a large number of drawings and study sheets depicting landscapes and figures that Van Gogh worked on during this time. He comments that, save for this short period, Van Gogh’s illness had hardly any effect on his work but in these he sees a reflection of Van Gogh’s mental health at the time. Also belonging to this period is Sorrowing Old Man (‘At Eternity’s Gate’), a color study that Hulsker describes as “another unmistakable remembrance of times long past”.

List of paintings:
A Corner in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital
A Meadow in the Mountains Le Mas de Saint-Paul
A Road at Saint-Remy with Female Figure
At the Foot of the Mountains
Blossoming Almond Tree
Cottages and Cypresses Reminiscence of the North
Cottages Reminiscence of the North
Cypresses and Two Women
Cypresses with Two Female Figures
Enclosed Field with Ploughman
Enclosed Field with Rising Sun
Enclosed Wheat Field with Peasant
Entrance to a Quarry near Saint-Remy
Entrance to a Quarry
Evening Landscape with Rising Moon
Evening The End of the Day after Millet

and other (total 143 paintings)…

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