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UpdatedOctober 6, 2013
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Prank Button Fun Free By Seven Leaf
If you love playing pranks on others or love the thrill of random, funny effects, Prank Button is for you!
* App includes over 500 different random effect combinations that will add laughter to your day.
* Use reverse psychology to your advantage with the Do Not Press Button or switch it up and use the Press Me Button to lure in your victims. Entice your friends into a prank filled trap!

-Effects include fart sounds, fart animations, police lights and sirens, fake broken glass on screen, strobe light animations and effects, simple and fun sounds, Drawing with your finger on the screen with various paint options, Scary Halloween animations and sounds, fake cracked screen effect, Audio pranks, Ghost pranks, a plethora of jokes and much much more!

Keep reading for more details on all the prank possibilities

Prank Button Fun is filled with simple laughter.

Fart Sounds Include:
Big Fart, Classic Fart, Dry Fart, Funny Fart, Foul Fart, Gross Fart, Mega Fart, Multi Fart (The most popular!), Nasty Fart, Poop Fart, Smelly Fart, Super Fart, Water Fart, and Wet Fart.
More sounds will be added quite frequently. Stay tuned!
Fart Animations include whoopee cushion, woman farting , outline of a person farting, and fart gas clouds

Fun / Funny Screen Prank Effects:

Two Broken Glass Animation
Chainsaw hovering around the screen with phone vibration
Option to draw on screen with chance to trigger a small broken screen effect
Gradient light patterns
A lightning bolt animation that fires across your screen!
Cracked Screen Effect to make people panic!

Jokes include:
Your Mama Jokes
Blonde Jokes
Kid Jokes
Redneck Jokes (Very Funny!)
Kitchen Jokes
And many more joke types

Note: There are no adult jokes in this app.

The Halloween Sounds Include:
Bats: The sound of bats flying and making noises
Chainsaw: Sound effects of chainsaw cutting a tree
Death: Well.. You know.. It will be scary trust us
Haunting: The sound of ghosts humming and flies buzzing
Zombie and Zombie Fat: A zombie groaning and a more deep zombie voice groaning.
Ghost Child: Creepiest ghost child voice ever!
Psycho: Woman screaming in an insane assylum
Scream: Woman screams from a scary event
Saw: A Saw’s sound affects from chopping away at a tree
Zombie Horde: A horde of zombies just waiting to attack
Eerie: An unusual halloween creepy noise
And many more scary sounds

Other Sounds Included in the app:
Techno beat sounds
Prank Dial and Prank Dialing sounds (Will trigger panic!)
Prank Phone call sounds to make someone think they pressed the wrong button
Alien Sounds
Futuristic sounds and beats
Doorbell ringing
Alarm Prank Sounds
Halloween Prank
Love speeches – People saying I love you in funny ways
Bird Chirping Noises
Police Sirens and Emergency Sirens
Screen Crack Sounds and Noises
And many more random noises

Strobe Light Effects Include:
Hippie Love Rainbow pattern that circulates around the droid screen
Police Lights Screen Animation
Gothic Lights screen effects

Note: Warning… If you are sensitive to flashing lights or strobe light effects be cautious when using this application. If you are prone to seizures or someone around you is prone to seizures do not use this app or hand this app to anyone under any circumstances.

Permissions are for ad provider. They will not effect app performance in any way. Ads help support development and keep our apps all free. Vibrate permissions is for chainsaw and fake screen break vibration effects.

** Note:
Press Menu to access the other button type ‘Press Me’
You can always switch back to the Do Not Press Button by hitting Menu again.
App Also includes option to adjust the brightness. This is strictly for saving battery life if one chooses to use the app for a long period of time.

We hope you enjoy the app! There will be many added pranks, sounds, and noises in the near future. Feel free to email us or drop a comment here with app suggestions. We take all feedback into consideration.

Recent changes:
Update 1.05:
Fixed a few bugs that people reported. Thanks!
Supports move to sd card

Update 1.04
Fixed few minor issues
Fixed issue where lightning loaded slow
Added more prank effects
Added jokes

Content rating: Medium Maturity

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