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UpdatedOctober 3, 2013
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For lovers of this game, this is a great app.
Visit the history of the game.
Watch all videos, all scenes of this game.
GTA San Andreas is one of the most successful franchises in games and movies.
There is wallpaper.
The application is fast and lightweight.
Embark on a thrilling adventure, follow all the action with this application.
You need to upgrade internet, to access the guide, to watch the walkthrough.
Grand Theft Auto GTA San Andreas is a game franchise that still has these titles:
GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City Stories
GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA The Lost and Damned, GTA 4, GTA Chinatown Wars, GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony
GTA Episodes from Liberty City and soon gta 5.
GTA San Andreas belongs to the same company that created the game Red Dead Redemption, a game nno western style.
Various games are being launched in the style of GTA, we have nowadays pay day and even games like Saint ronw.
Share with amigos.We love creating apps, and want to keep Them free forever. In order to keep our development running we are using a search service to generate some revenue from this free app. This app will add a couple search links on your device in the form of an icon, bookmark link and browser homepage. You may delete Them easily (drag to the trash or delete the link for the browser), if you choose to use Them, thanks!

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