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Punch Obama FREE!

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Punch Barack Obama! Make him do & say Funny things! This talking Obama does much more than just talks… you can fist bump with Obama (the original Obama Style!) or punch Obama on his head! Both Parties will have fun using these talking apps! He will hand out Obama Bucks, give you a shot of Obama Care, show you his “authentic” Birther Certificate and even shoot Osama!
For the ultimate Obama vs Romney, check out the Talking Romney and the Obama Talking Chair!! Choose your side! Vote 2012 Election!
Fun for politics if you enjoy conservative talk radio such as Rush Limbaugh (or The Limbaugh Letter), Glenn Beck, Liberal NPR News or even if you don't take politics too seriously!
An HD version for tablets & 1280 dpi phones will be out shortly.
Recording to Facebook & e-mailing is available on Punch Obama Pro!
How to use the Talking Obama App:
• Talk to him, and he will repeat everything you say in a funny voice.
• If he is not listening, speak closer to the phone (or speak louder). Different phones have different sensitivity levels.
• To quit, simply hit the home button.
• Punch, poke or swipe at his head to “bop” him with a boxing glove.
• Touch his left hand to Fist Bump with the President.
• Touch his right hand to “hand out” Obama-bucks.
• Touch the Presidential Seal to Shoot Osama Bin Laden (the the help of SEAL Team Six)
• Touch his chest (near the microphone) to initiate ObamaCare.
• Touch his mouth to see his Birth Certificate.
Watch for more talking apps to be released shortly (including some irreverent talking animals or Mitt’s VP) by the developer.
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This is not associated with President Barack Obama, Obama for America, The white House or any official Obama app.
Mitt Romney, The Democrat Party, The Republican Party or The TEA Party. Nor is it meant to be represented as such. This is a Parody and is all original fan generated art. This is not associated with “Talking Tom Cat”, “Talking Ben” or the developers of any other talking animals.

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