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Have you ever imagine that you can beat a drum in beautiful big stage? Beat drum set can make your dream come true!
Beat Drum Set is a virtual drum set for android phone and tablet. It supports multi-touch and incorporates a great set of realistic sounds. All drum sound be collected and made in pro recording room. With these realistic sound, the free drum set will heard more wonderful.

Eight kind of drums be included in the free drum kit. Beat drum with your fingers, you will hear the beautiful sound.

— Multi-touch with up to 10 fingers (if your device supporting it)
— 8 sounds or 8 drum types.
— Free drum simulator.
— Supply button to set five stars. Use ratting choice to enter app website.

— More drums added in drum kit.
— With contact button-supply.
— Support multi-touch while former one do not support.

Download it for free right now.

Knowledge about drum set:
The percussion instruments could be classified into three main categories: idiophones which when played give out their own natural sound, membranophones, which mainly depend for their sound on a membrane stretched over a resonator, and last chordophones,which involving struck strings. The traditional drum kit is the collection of idiophones and membranophones. More recently it has included electronic instruments too, with both hybrid and entirely electronic kits now commonly used.

TIPS: We offer this app for free, but we need money to support our life. So the icon ads & notification ads added and then we
could have cents to develop more free software.
You can send me email to tell me your questions.

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