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Test your ears

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UpdatedSeptember 23, 2013
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This program can help you determine your age by checking the upper limit of the audible frequency range, using the statistical experiences of biology. For most people, the result will be very accurate when properly ran the test, but results may vary if your hearing is damaged, or, conversely, you are a professional musician being very careful with your ears. Thus, knowing your age, you can assess the condition of your ears.
The test starts with a frequency of 9 kHz, which will be heard in any way, and then gradually changes the frequency up to 22kHz. When testing, you must press the stop button at exactly the same moment when you no longer hear high frequency sound. The test result will be more accurate if you spend a few steps, the program determines the average result, and minimizes the impact of random factors (eg, distracting environment). Do not set the volume to maximum, it can hurt your ears!

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