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Dolphin Player is an open source, audio and video player for Android. This version is for ARMV6+VFP supported devices.

Previous versions can be downloaded from the following link:

APK for other ARM variants can be downloaded from the above link.

1. Phone State is read for pausing the Audio and Video when an incoming call is received. In the previous versions, audio was not paused when an incoming call comes to user.
2. Internet permission is required for receiving feedback from the User.

No Advertisements or “Nagging” Icons in player screen
Application can be moved to “SDcard” from Android 2.2 and above. This can be done inside the “Manage Applications” screen, by selecting the Dolphin Player
Support for most subtitle file formats
Support for most audio and video file formats
Support for playing a single audio file in a loop
Support for playing audio files of a directory in a loop
Supports playing “AVI” file format comfortably with subtitles
Unicode subtitle files require font file to be selected in file browser.
Subtitles for languages like Chinese, Japanese requires TTF/font file. Copy your unicode supported font file from Windows/Linux to sdcard as “/sdcard/broov.ttf”
Supports viewing hidden files. Enable it in Settings screen.
Supports intent, audio and video streams. Create a file with the http link with the extension “astream” for Audio Stream and “vstream” for Video Stream
Based on the famous “FFmpeg” library

If you have any suggestions or bugs, please send the details of the same to support@broov.in.

Latest FFmpeg 0.11.1 is supported in this release
Users having high end devices, Disable frame skip algorithm in Settings screen for smooth video playback. Alternatively, you can also download your corresponding ARM variant in the above download link.

Known issues:
HD files still have video lagging issues
if Video is not shown properly, Change in Settings->Advanced Settings->Yuv2RGB-> as SWS Scaler, instead of ARM ASM

If you face any problems with the Player, please send those details to support@broov.in It will help us solve the problem at the earliest. This version does not support playing for ARM v5 and ARM v6 devices. Supports playing only for ARM v6vfp and higher variants.

Supports languages translations now for English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese, German, Arabic and Hindi
Audio Buffer is fine tuned for better audio and video playback
Fix – Auto resume after incoming call, Audio clock is set as default.(same as v1.2). Setting video clock was causing audio to play slow.
Seek in large files (> than 2GB) was failing earlier
Some mkv files had audio missing and is fixed now.
Screen dim while playing video is fixed and screen dims for audio now.

.sub subtitle timing issue fix

Please uninstall the previous version, before installing this version
Settings from Version 1.2 is preserved.
Skip frames algorithm is enabled now. Video lag was observed, when disabling this feature. This is configurable in settings now.
Fast decoding of FFmpeg is disabled by default(this was causing time sync issue while playing video files)
Audio and Video files will play now, as like Version 1.2
New configurable options are added in Settings.

Audio file not playing and duration issue is fixed now

Pause audio and video on incoming call fix
Various configurations can be fine tuned in settings(RGB 565, RGB8888, fast decoding, asm yuv2rgb,)
3gp file noise issue fix
Video lagging is not observed for AVI files in medium & high end devices.
Audio & Video Stream support
Supports mime & file type intents.
MP3 file playing order issue fix
Audio file description fix, when prev, next button is pressed

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Recent changes:
Updated File manager
Easy identification of audio and video files
Better look & feel

Better Russian translation
Audio Optimization for better video playback
Settings optimization for faster audio and video play

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