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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Charger sun / moon allows you to charge quickly your phone battery by your screen thanks to the luminous power of the sun and moon.
Your phone will download quickly? That is over thanks to the charger sun / moon.
Have you lost your phone charger? You do not mind. Forget external batteries and another energy supplements.
Just put your phone to direct sunlight or moonlight (preferably full moon), and watch the battery increases.
The days of beach will provide large loads.
Lighten your bag on your travels. No need charger!
If conditions are not favorable for day mode, night active sensors through the “moon-mode” and your smartphone will reset to 100% of your battery in a matter of minutes.
10 minutes of exposure are enough to make a call, and 45 for a full recharge (depending on model and weather conditions).
To protect your phone from overcharging, do not leave for a long time exposed to direct sunlight.
To protect your phone from theft, do not leave it exposed for a long time in the light of the moon.
Note: The screen of your Android phone can not be used as a solar panel.
With charging sun / moon is a prank app!
Spend jokes to your friends and be the life of the party with this application.
Please note this in your vote, because technically you can not use the screen as solar energy to generate electricity and charge the battery.
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