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old dos games list


old dos games list

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Updated September 20, 2013
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Category Entertainment


#, A (42)

3D Cyber Puck (Sim/Strategy)
3-Demon (Classic)
3D-Pitfall (Tetris)
4D Boxing (Sim/Strategy)
ABM (Classic)
Abmis the Lion (Sidescroll)
Abuse (Action)
Acid Tetris (Tetris)
AckAck (Action)
Action Supercross (Sim/Strategy)
Adventure (Adventure)
Adventure Fun-Pak (Adventure)
Adventure Game Studio
(Game Creation)
Aldo’s Adventure (Sidescroll)
Aldo’s Assault (Sidescroll)
Alien Cabal (3D Shooting)
Alien Carnage (Sidescroll)
Alien Phobia (Action)
Alleycat (Classic)
Alone in the Dark (Adventure)
Amazon Snake (Action)
Amulets & Armor (RPG)
Ancients (RPG)
Angband (RPG)
Animal Quest (Edu/Kids)
Animated Clock (Edu/Kids)
ANSiDude (Adventure)
Antarctic Adventure (Classic)
Antrun (Puzzle)
Ants (Puzzle)
A-Pac (Classic)
Aquanoid (Ball&Paddle)
Arcade Volleyball (Action)
Arctic Adventure (Sidescroll)
ARGH (Puzzle)
Argon (Space Shooting)
Ariva (Puzzle)
Aro (Sidescroll)
Aspetra (RPG)
Assault Trooper (Action)
Astrofire (Space Shooting)
B (45)

BabyType (Edu/Kids)
Back to the Forest (Sidescroll)
Balloons (Edu/Kids)
Bananoid (Ball&Paddle)
Banatron (Action)
Basstour (Sim/Strategy)
Bat & Ball (Ball&Paddle)
Battleship (Traditional)
Battle for Atlantis (Sim/Strategy)
Beneath a Steel Sky (Adventure)
Beast (Action)
Beats of Rage (Action)
Beat the Bomb (Edu/Kids)
Beyond Columns (Tetris)
Big 2 (Traditional)
Bio Menace (Sidescroll)
Bipbop 2 (Ball&Paddle)
Bips (Puzzle)
Black Cauldron (Adventure)
Black Orb (Adventure)
Blackthorne (Sidescroll)
Blake Stone (3D Shooting)
Blast Zone (Space Shooting)
Blinky 3 (Sidescroll)
Blockage (Ball&Paddle)
Blockout (Tetris)
Block Man 2 (Puzzle)
Block-o-Mania (Puzzle)
Blocks from Hell (Tetris)
Blocks (Puzzle)
Blood (3D Shooting)
Bob the Hamster (Puzzle)
Bolitaire (Traditional)
Bolo Ball (Puzzle)
Bomber (Action)
Bombs & Bugs (Action)
Boom Master (Action)
Boppin (Puzzle)
Bounce (Puzzle)
Bounce Zone (Ball&Paddle)
Bouncing Babies (Action)
Breakfree (Ball&Paddle)
Breakout (Ball&Paddle)
Bricks (Ball&Paddle)
Brix (Puzzle)
C (54)

Captain Comic (Sidescroll)
Captain Eric (Action)
Capture the Flag (Sim/Strategy)
Carmageddon (Action)
Cash Invaders (Space Shooting)
Castle, The (Action)
Castle Adventure (Adventure)
Castle Master (Adventure)
Catacomb Abyss (3D Shooting)
Catch If You Can (Sim/Strategy)
Cavequest (RPG)
Caverns of Zoarre (RPG)
Caves of Thor (Adventure)
CD-Man (Classic)
C-Dogs (Action)
Centiped-Em (Classic)
Champ Kong (Classic)
Charlie the Duck (Sidescroll)
Charlie II (Sidescroll)
Chartwars (Sim/Strategy)
Chasm: The Rift (3D Shooting)
Chex Quest (3D Shooting)
Chickie Egg (Sidescroll)
Chompsters (Classic)
Chub Gam 3D (3D Shooting)
Classic Jumpman (Classic)
Clone (Puzzle)
Clone Invaders (Classic)
Clyde’s Adventure (Sidescroll)
Clyde’s Revenge (Sidescroll)
Cochese (Puzzle)
Commander Keen (Sidescroll)
Commander Keen 4 (Sidescroll)
Commander Keen 6 (Sidescroll)
Commander Keen Dreams (Sidescroll)
Construction Bob (Ball&Paddle)
Cool Spot (Sidescroll)
Core War (Misc)
Corncob 3D (Sim/Strategy)
Corridor 7 (3D Shooting)
Cosmo Chicken (Classic)
Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure
Crash (Action)
Crazy Eights (Traditional)
Cribbage Solitaire (Traditional)
Crime Fighter (Sim/Strategy)
Crusher Castle 2 (Puzzle)
Crystal Caves (Sidescroll)
Cube (Traditional)
Cyberdogs (Action)
Cyberbox (Puzzle)
Cyberbox 2 (Puzzle)
Cybersphere (Ball&Paddle)
Cyclewarz (Action)
D (45)

Dangerous Dave (Sidescroll)
Dark Ages (Sidescroll)
Dark Forces (3D Shooting)
Dark Convergence (Adventure)
Dark Passages (Adventure)
Dark Woods 2 (Adventure)
DarkPhear (RPG)
Darkwolf (Sidescroll)
Daymare 2 (RPG)
Death Rally (Action)
Dedale (Puzzle)
Deep II (Action)
Denture Man (Action)
Depth Dwellers (3D Shooting)
Descent (3D Shooting)
D/Generation (Action)
Diamaze (Puzzle)
Diamond Ball 3 (Puzzle)
Diamonds (Puzzle)

Content rating: High Maturity

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