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Fool your friends by making them think your device is an advanced security tool from the future which can scan & verify fingerprints. They will never be able to unlock your phone ever. With over 2 million fans you have not reason to wait for the fun that awaits you.

Unlock your android by your fingerprint.

How to Use:

1. Install the App.
2. Open it
3. Click on “APP SETTINGS”
5. Exit the App and you’re done

How to Customize the App:

1. Click on “Unlock Times” to Select the number of Beeps after which you have to remove the finger to unlock it. (by default it is set to 3)
2. Uncheck “Show Hint”
3. Check “Disable Home Key” (follow the instructions: click next, next, choose launcher and you’re done)
4. Enter Your name

Note: If the new lock screen doesn’t appear at once, click on lock button again and it will appear.

How it Works:
You can control the outcome of a scan very easily. When the FingerPrint screen pops up, touch your finger to the screen to be “scanned” for your identity(as your thumbprint), there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. You can pre-set the number of beeps(or vibrations) which will be heard before the phone gets unlocked.

If a user keeps his finger on the scanning interface for more or lesser number of beeps then the phone is not unlocked and a message saying “Access Denied” is displayed. Which will make the other person feel that his finger print has not been recognized.

The number of beeps after which the phone will be unlocked can be easily modified by the user in the settings menu.

NOTE: that pressing the home button will unlock the phone, this has been done intentionally to ensure that even if you have forgotten the Key to unlocking the phone you do not land up in trouble. You can disable this by Checking the “Disable Home Key” option

If you are locked out of your phone try the following:

a) Click on the home button on the phone

b) Keep your finger till 3 beeps and then remove it

c) If the above two methods do not work, it means you have 1. disabled the home button 2. Changed/reset the number of beeps to unlock 3. And have forgotten the number to which you set it to. So fortunately for you, the app has only 11 possible cases, varying from 0 beeps to 10 beeps to unlock. try each of the case one by one.

d) Switch off the phone and then switch it on again.

If none of the above methods work, write to us at apps@inoxapps.com and we’ll be happy to help

Buy Ad-free Version at : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.inoxapps.finger_security_original_pro

The ultimate biometric phone security app for your android!

Please note that Finger print Security Scanner is for entertainment purposes and does not actually scan your fingerprint. This is a prank application to have fun with your friends. It is not like the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) lockscreen widget which is a real face scanner.

Stay tuned for a series of similar lock screensavers and Live wallpapers

Have loads of fun with finger scanner lock free and enjoy finger security free by fooling people in thinking this to be a real phone security biometric scanner.

Read our testimonials :

“it looks like some kind of super sci-fi metal or ammunition detector of the future FBI or police”

“Love it, I fooled a friend into believing that it was scanning classified documents and barcodes of a secret service. ha ha ha”

“Really awesome, just that it asks for wifi permissions, shouldn’t be so”

“Everytime I am in bad mood, I use it to fool somebody and laugh a lot”

“Extremely Cool graphics, like some x-ray scanning machine gone wrong and emitting all kinds of radio frequency waves and scanning things. really funny prank”

“The best lockscreen replacement theme on the entire android market. Better than pattern lock”

We wish you all a very happy new year

Recent changes:
Customize it to say your name also. Enter your name and it’ll say “Welcome back John”

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