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Guinness Book Record Holders

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Guinness book of records is an app with some of the Guinness World Record holders photographs which are amazing, weird and wonderful.

Download this app now to see the images of record holders who created mind blowing guinness records from around the world for over a decade and before.The app has about 250 photos of the Guinness record holders. To name a few are:

• The Tallest Dog
• The Dog With The Longest Ears
• The World’s Smallest Monkey
• The World’s Smallest Legally Roadworthy Car
• Simultaneously Spinning For 300 Hula Hoops
• Most Spoons On a Human Body
• FingerNails
• Beekeeper
• Egg Balancing
• The World Record For An Underwater Dance Class
• Rubber Band Ball
• A Mass Sumo Suit Gathering
• The World’s Longest Cigar
• The Heaviest Weight Pulled By Manpower
• The Most Number Of People Hugging Trees
• Most Pierced Man
• Ride Over Beer Bottles
• The Longest Train Of a Wedding Dress
• Spinning a Basketball on a Toothbrush
• A Tower Created From Lego Bricks
• Mascots
• The World’s Largest 3D Painting
• Most Dogs On a Surfboard
• The World’s Largest Chocolate
• The Oldest Gymnast
• The World’s Shortest Bull
• The Tallest Mohican
• Collection Of Hello Kitty Items
• The Heaviest Bicycle
• The Heaviest Sportswoman
• The World’s Largest Collection Of Sneakers
• The World Longest Cat.
• The Most Single Studio Recordings
• The Largest Bottle Cap Sculpture
• Largest Collection Of Smurfs
• Largest Pumpkin
• Most Arrows Caught By Hand
• Most Concrete Blocks Broken
• Most Spoons Balanced On a Face
• Most Straws Stuffed In a Mouth
• Most People Fully Engulfed In Fire
• Key Card Hotel
• World’s Tallest House
• Biggest Cupcake
• Snails On Face
• The Largest Gathering Of People
• Buried In a Wooden Coffin
• The Longest Line Of Coins
• The World’s Largest Flag
• The World’s Longest Legs
• Couple Kissing
• Most T-Shirts Worn
• Largest Crocodile In Captivity
• Longest Moustache
• Fastest Bog Snorkelling Triathlon
• Heaviest Competitive Male Bodybuilder
• Most Pots Thrown
• Most Live Streams
• World’s Biggest Whoopee Cushion.
• Highest Paid Actor
• Most Times To Pass Through a Tennis Racket
• Largest Pizza
• Most Popular Video Of Any Kind
• World’s Longest Career In Theater
• Most Needles Inserted Into The Head
• Most Steps Walked
• World’s Tallest Living Female Dog
• The Shortest Living Siblings
• Largest Zumba Class
• Largest Tea Party
• Longest Chocolate Bar
• Largest Soul Train Dance
• Largest Hula Hoop Workout.
• Oldest Yoga Instructor
• Most Bottle Caps Removed With The Head
• Most Popping Popcorn Caught
• Most Arrows Caught By Hand
• Longest Distance Full-Body Burn
• Longest Kissing Chain
• Fit Into a Pair Of Underpants
• Largest Gathering of People
• World’s Shortest Woman
• Most Christmas Lights
• Smallest Working Dog
• Most Prolific Dancing Game High Scorer
• World’s Shortest Living Man, Ever
• Most Wine Bottles Uncorked
• Longest Wedding Dress Train
• Biggest Power Couple
• Box Office Success
• The Most Costume Changes
• Most Powerful Sports Celeb
• Most Charted Teenager
• The Most TV Hours Logged
• The Highest-Grossing Actor
• The Longest, Loudest Scream By a Crowd
• The Youngest Recording Artist
• The World’s Largest Biceps
• Largest Collection Of Barbie Dolls
• The Youngest Professional Drummer
• The Largest Mining Truck Body
• The Largest Drum Set
• Smears Ghost Chilies
• The World’s Tallest Mohawk
• The World’s Smallest Man
• The World’s Tallest Man
• Sitting In a Bathtub With Snakes
• The World’s Longest Hair
• Oldest Christmas Tree
• Largest Christmas Stocking
• Largest Advent Calendar
• Fastest Marathon Dressed As Santa Clause
• The Largest Carol Service
• Tattoo Record
• Longest Hair

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