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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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★ TOP 100 APPS Entertainment
This is the first and best Fun app to browse the funniest pictures on Google Play, which has already more than 2,000,000 fans!
Why is it worth it, you ask? Do you want…
★ the Vote page to vote for the funniest picture? Yup, it's back!
★ Comments, reading and posting? Finally, yes!
★ to Like gags? Sure, that's in there, too.
★ see NSFW images? Hell yeah!
★ to View images in the best layout for their format, no need for zooming? Of course! (Don't worry, you can still zoom!)
★ to Navigate by Swiping, Tapping or Volume keys? Got that!
★ to Download images to a folder you can choose? I got you covered!
★ to Share gags as either a link to the gag's page, or just the image itself? Your choice.
★ to Switch to high-resolution images? If you got the bandwidth, go for it!
★ to Remember which page you were on? Absolutely.
★ the funniest app on Google Play? Here it is!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Funniest application by far on Google Play!” – Victoria
“This is perfection. So many fun pictures. It's endless…” – David
“This is a fun application that has constantly fresh stuff” – Tomas
… and you also get image caching in this viewer for faster loading time, pseudo-intelligent read ahead of pages in both directions, and if needed, you can return to the first page. Neato, eh?
At Gagjoy, we've got lots of funny jokes about Sex, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Celebrities, Justin Bieber, Boobs, Nude Girls, Sexy Girls, Forever Alone, Gangman, Harlem Shake, Chuck Norris, SpongeBob, Megan Fox, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Selena Gomez.
Now, give me ALL your monies!
Looking for the Vote page and Liking gags?
★ Donwload Gagjoy+, premium version of Gagjoy viewer with even more awesome features (like, vote,…): http://bit.ly/TizKtJ
This is the new version with more awesome features like Login, access to the Vote page, Liking gags, Swiping to browse, etc.
★ Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gagjoyofficial and come say hello!
If you are looking for iFunny, Memebase, EpicFail, Failblog, Trolls, Photobombs, VeryDemotivational, Smartphowned, Will Ferrel, Censored, Meme, Videos, Rage Comics get Gagjoy now, and come back everyday!
★ ★ ★ Navigation ★ ★ ★
Use the Volume Up/Down keys or tap the right/left sides of the screen for navigating forward and backwards.
★ ★ ★ If you have any request or question on the app, send us an email: support@jmtapps.com. We respond personally to every single email we receive ★ ★ ★
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