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Make your phone smile at you . Smiley and emoticon wallpaper HD provides you amazing collection of emoticons and smiley . Smileys are very trending these days . Girls and boys love to have funny and cute smiley and emoticons badges and stickers on their bags and other accessories . These emoticons and smiley collection make our phone home screen very cute and lovely . Smiley are inevitable in chatting . Facebook message and whatsapp message provides variety of cute and funny emoticons . With smiley we can express almost all of our emotions like we can give devil look when we are angry , when we are sad a sad on like that crying , blushing anything can be expressed . This gives our chatting a live effect . Live emotions can be easily expressed with smiley's and emoticons .
Smiley wallpapers HD provide you a large collection of custom selected pics which is cropped as it fits all phones . Feel free to laugh and smile by installing smiley wallpapers HD . Smiley or emoticon is commonly a smiling face that is round face with eyes and mouth and they usually in yellow color . Amazing Free smiley wallpaper collection which you all love to set in your android phone . Set smiley face on your home screen and be happy 🙂 Emoticons are used in all chats . Different types smiley faces and emoticons are there sticking tongue out is to show some funny emotions . Laughing smiley will help us when we are extremely happy . Amazing set of cute smile faces and emoticons are waiting for you . Smiley wallpapers HD FREE makes you even more happier . Lovers uses kissing smiley and hearts, some cute emoticons and smiley when they have some romantic chats . Emoticons wallpapers gives us some cute emotions which makes a cute smile on all faces . Emoticons wallpapers Free can show our body language . Emoticons for Facebook and messenger have a very wide varieties . You will fall in love with these emoticons free collection .
Smiley face can easily attract children . Smiley faces have yellow color with black combination and they give a powerful and attractive look . Winking , sticking tongue out , blushing etc are very cute emoticons . All will be having cute selection or a favorite collection which they use commonly called ” my emoticons ” . Emoji is a japanese word which is another name for smiley face . smiley face wallpaper contain these lovely emoji . Crazy emojibo will make your mood cool and happy . It is truly unique experience when we watch these emoticons . A smile on face is the perfect and precious jewellery you can have and these smileys and emoticons will be a source of inspiration . Smile is the most recognizable live symbol . Emoticon machine have the set of curated fun smiley's . The happy face have gained a huge popularity these days . Emojidom emoji and fun smiley's have a great market in android app store . smiley's wallpapers will be a different experience for your phone homescreen . 3D and LIve wallpapers give different look for your android phone .
Old days we used messengers like yahoo messenger and msn messenger where we typed and expressed our feelings using emoticons . Facebook smilies have changed in their graphics which kids would love and makes them happy . It is noticed that kids now days wearing smiley badges . smiley central for android phones .
* we have 1000+ beautiful emoticons .
* all smiley images and emoticons are selected and cropped to fit your home screen .
* high quality emoticon and emoji HD pics .
Enjoy smiling 🙂 🙂

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