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UpdatedAugust 8, 2013
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The EverQuest Worlds mobile app provides fans with quests that reveal lore, content and rewards from the EverQuest Franchise.

Begin your adventure today!

* Complete quests and earn rewards! Within these quests you will take part in digital scavenger hunts that reveal new content and rewards.
* Follow clues to unlock pieces of lore for the world of EverQuest Next!

**** TIPS ****

* Certain quests require you to scan logos. Try logos with white backgrounds.
* When being taken to an external site such as Facebook or Twitter, use the device’s back button to make quest completion easier.
* Each augmented scan quest requires a specific image. Make sure you read the hints!
* If you’re having trouble scanning, please try different angles of the image or a brighter area. The camera will automatically scan.

**** KNOWN ISSUES ****

* When exiting to an external site such as Facebook, attempting to re-launch the app may cause app to crash. Use back button for now — a fix is in progress.
* Some Nexus 7 models do not have a rear camera. We will add support for these devices in an upcoming update.


* Augmented Reality quests require a working rear camera.
* Certain quests require you to connect to Facebook or Twitter.
* If you are unable to connect with Facebook, please check Settings > Facebook to ensure you have not blocked the app.
* Certain quests may only be participated in at live events.

Use of the EverQuest Worlds™ App is subject to Sony Online Entertainment’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy: https://www.soe.com/sonyonline/privacy.vm?locale=en_US
Terms of Service: https://www.soe.com/termsofservice.vm?locale=en_US

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