Soine Hitsuji -Yuichi Ver.-


Soine Hitsuji -Yuichi Ver.-

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UpdatedDecember 31, 2012
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New good night’s app to the “Sleepy Boyfriend” series for all the otome-girls around the world!

Soine Hitsuji -Yuichi Ver.-

This app is meant for your good nights enjoyment.
*Using headphones or earphones is recommended for more realistic experience.

– Character info
Name: Yuichi
Voice: Keiji Fujiwara (also “Maes Hughes” in “Full Metal Alchemist”)
Age: 25
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Occupation: Teacher of Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)
Personality: Carefree and simple. Has been learning Shodo since young
age and thus became a teacher. Has a bad habit of telling inappropriate
or boring jokes.
– Sample phrases
“I just love you so much… ”
“I want to think about only you now.”
“Let me kiss you……it’s not anough… one more time…”

Cover illustration is made by Yone Kazuki!

– Characters in later releases
Vol. 3: Daisuke Kishio
Vol. 4: Hiro Shimono

– Features
By tapping a character in the top view you get to “Talk-mode”.
By tapping the Talk-button the character will say something.
*The free version of the app contains 10 different phrases.

The alarm can be set from the settings. After setting the alarm please be sure to leave the app running in talk-mode or sheep counting-mode.

In “Counting sheep-mode” the character will sing the sheep counting song!
*In free version the character will count to 10.

Additional phrases can be purchased in the “Hitsuji-ya” shop.
A special microphone was used during the recording to give a more realistic experience. We recommend using headphones.

The alarm feature can not be used in iPhone’s sleep mode.
When using the alarm the app needs to be left on. It is recommended to use a power adapter.

– About “Soine Hitsuji CD”
“Soine Hitsuji CD” is a collaborative release from honeybee label’s “Hitsuji de oyasumi series” and BlackButterfly’s “Shuukan Soine CD series”.
Your wonderful boyfriend will count sheep with you before falling asleep!

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