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Lie Detector - Polygraph

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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Find out the truth with Lie Detector Get the best lie detector app on Android Market! Lie Detector is a fun and free fingerprint scanning utility to determine if someone tries a lie or the truth based on their fingerprint scan! Place your thumb on the scannermake a statement, and the app will tell you whether it is true or a lie. You can also share the app with friends, so that everyone join in the fun lie can recognize!

Is it true or false? Real or a lie? Has your spouse cheated? Your daughter is really a stripper? Is it really only 29 years old? The next time someone tells a tall tale, hold their feet to the fire and pull Lie Detector, the fastest and most practical wayto determine the truth on the fly! Just keep your subject their thumb on the scanner while they make a statement. The app will try to determine whether it is true or false, based on the biometric measurements of their fingerprint scan. Try it,it’s fun and it’s free! It is also a great gag for parties, you fool your neighbors and impress the ladies in the club!

Lie Detector is intended for entertainment purposes only. If this fingerprint scanning app work as evidence in a courtroom? Probably not in most countries. While scanning accuracy that may surprise you, there’s only so much you can read on a smartphone screen.For this reason, we must evaluate this fingerprint scanner than just entertainment app. Please do not support life or death decisions about their results!

Lie Detector is now working on all Android devices, including tablets tall. It is specialized for all sizes and shapes. And with amazing graphics and force feedback vibration, the best fingerprint scanner app on the market just a whole lot better!

Lie Detector provides a realistic fingerprint scanner thumb compartment and the unit lights up use for added realism. If the lie detector scan is complete, the results are calculated and displayed on the display authentic LCD.Please leave your thumb on the fingerprint scanner all the time that Lie Detector runs. Lift your thumb could have in a scanning error sequence.

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